New releases you are looking forward to


She’s in the songwriter’s hall of fame. Respeck.


No doubt

Just her voice is not for me


Well, she’s no Brandi Carlisle.


I never heard most of her music. I will look for that blue grass one.
No disrespect to Dolly at all.


I love her voice. She sounds like sweetness to me. My drummer got to spend time with her, Emmylou and Linda Ronstadt when he played with Doug Kershaw. I think they were tour mates.


I remember this from a year or so ago.


We’ve been finalizing a CD that we’ve been recording on and off for a couple years now. Almost all the tracks are really old songs that were written and recorded about 15 years ago back when we just had a shitty drum machine. The songs deserved better presentation, so we re-recorded them proper with an excellent bass player and drummer that are friends of Aaron, our producer/guitarist/recording guru. I play harmonica on about half the songs and guitar and background vocals on a couple tracks.

Listened to the final mixes last night and Dan and I are pretty happy with how it came out.

I’ll have to figure out how to share it here - if anyone is interested in listening to it.

We might even print covers and discs… I’ll have to check prices.


I’d be very interested in hearing it Dougo.


me too. You can add it to the dropbox so we can all hear it… (except egg who doesn’t want to be in the dropbox.)


That’s okay. If egg wants to miss out on all the nude photos posted there, so be it.


I’m not part of the dropbox anymore… I dropped out because I used DB for work couldn’t fit everything I needed there. But I switched machines to a work machine. Now I may be able to rejoin on my old computer though. Maybe LB could toss an invite my way?


Wait, what? :flushed:


Of course I can. Pm me your email in case Dropbox doesn’t remember it.

I won’t delete monkey’s nude pics until after you get to see them.


count me in for a listen!


OK, I’ve put it in the dropbox. It’s called Dan Hook - Off The Hook.

Dan says it is his last release, but I’ve heard this sort of thing before. He is 68 years old…

We are going to try to organize one last show in town this summer or fall.


NPR First Listen streaming now


That description tho.


yeah, they are right on


Ok I’m not looking forward to this album, but props to James blunt for having a sense of humour and not taking himself so seriously


oh god.

that was awful