New releases you are looking forward to






Congrats Pacificmap !!n Good job you .


Got some good stuff for the box!
New Bonnie prince billy
New John Moreland
New Chris Stapleton

Got a newly remastered grateful dead little box set from May 77. Very famous shows. Too big for the box. Will come up with some way to share.


From the Betty Boards? Maybe share the Cornell first? I’ve been waiting for a good copy so I can properly evaluate the awesomeness legend that this show is.



New album

First in years


also curious about this upcoming release


Big Thief’s new one, Capacity

It’s out in about a week

Streaming now on NPR First Listen


Promoting his upcoming acoustic release

Two appearances on TV


mmm solo acoustic sounds good to me.


I think he’s at his best solo acoustic. He can’t sing and his acoustic playing can be pretty sketchy but somehow it really really works for him and I’m captivated. Maybe because I don’t actually understand and can’t unpick how it’s so good.


Ah yeah…totally forgot I ordered this up!


Mythological beauty is easily one of my fave tracks of the year. Can’t wait for this, hopefully seeing them in September as well!


@e_a I really enjoy that song too. I particularly like the way the chorus steps up the intensity.




They are calling themselves The Black Stripes. She’ll take his name and sing. Totally original.


no they’re not!


I heard they’re calling their band “Toilet Paper For Dogs”

True story!!!

See the Esquire article linked above


you’re toilet paper for dogs!


I really like Kurt Vile.

I’d love for him to come out with another album on his own, but this might work too.