New Ryan Adams & The Cardinals show released


January 16 (Newly Released Recording)
Today, a spectacular show, unreleased from Joel Swaney’s archive, from the Cardinals 2008 tour. 10 years to the date it was played, it’s being shared for the very first time. What’s most exciting here is Ryan, wanting to “share new ideas” coming out to do a solo set to open for the Cardinals, playing Like Yesterday and Go Easy for the first time ever, and also playing three songs that would never be played again! Of them, Broken Arrow is definitely my favorite, an unappreciated DRA classic.

After a half hour solo set, we get 2 ½ hours of pure Cardinals goodness. Ryan begins by saying “Let’s go somewhere and get lost for a while,” which is a brilliant encapsulation of why I still love listening to Cardinals shows - they will take you on a journey you can get lost in. This show begins with what is normally the Peaceful Valley intro used to go into Beautiful Sorta before heading into Peaceful Valley. That’s followed by a really heavy Goodnight Rose, into a killer Cold Roses. There’s also a really insane take on Freeway to the Canyon that needs to be heard to be believed. It’s not a perfect show - Ryan blows some lyrics and timing (notably in the Sun Also Sets and Wild Flowers), but it’s still an awesome way to spend three hours. It’s capped with a beautiful Oh My Sweet Carolina in the encore (not an every day song for the Cards). Listen to this one ASAP.

Ryan Adams and The Cardinals
Wednesday, January 16th, 2008
Cains Ballroom
Tulsa, OK

Disc 1
Solo Set

  1. Like Yesterday
  2. Blue And Wonderful Light
  3. Broken Arrow
  4. Whatever, I’m Happy
  5. Go Easy

Disc II
Band Set
6. Beautiful Sorta
7. Peaceful Valley >
8. Goodnight Rose
9. Cold Roses
10. Mockingbird
11. Shakedown On 9th Street
12. Why Do They Leave?
13. Everybody Knows
14. Happy Birthday Spacewolf
15. The Sun Also Sets
16. The Rescue Blues
17. Please Do Not Let Me Go
18. Wild Flowers
19. Freeway To The Canyon (Neal Casal)

Disc III
20. When The Stars Go Blue
21. Two
22. Easy Plateau
23. The End
24. A Kiss Before I Go
25. Halloween Head
26. Off Broadway
27. Magnolia Mountain
28. Let It Ride
29. Rip Off
30. Oh My Sweet Carolina
31. Wonderwall (Oasis)


Ryan Adams (Vocals / Guitar / Piano / Harmonica)
Neal Casal (Guitar / Piano / Background Vocals)
Chris Feinstein (Bass / Background Vocals)
Jon Graboff (Pedal Steel / Guitar / Background Vocals)
Brad Pemberton (Drums / Background Vocals)

FOH: Paul Massaro
Taped: Paul Massaro
Mastered: Joel Swaney
Source: SBD Matrix (w/ 2 onstage mics)
Lineage: Edirol R4(24/48) > Adobe Audition 3.0 w/ downsample(16/44.1) > CD Wave > FLAC(8)


Wow. Awesome.
downloading now, thank you!


part of the RAA Forever project???

are there other new ones put up?


i don’t believe so


ok thanks. I haven’t downloaded any Ryan shows in a while, and I see he double starred a few from 2017 so I am grabbing them from now too.


i think this is a new one that’s been uploaded…

it’s just fantastic…

Ryan Adams
Fez (under Time Cafe)
East Village, NYC NY

Solo acoustic guitar and Piano.

Taper AltheaNY1

Stereo 2-Track output from FOH console . DSBD made on Sony PCM-M1 DAT Master

Transfer: ellaguru

Tascam Master DAT played on DA45-hr > apogee wyde eye coax > SD usbpre2 > adobe audition. Win7 64bit.

June 2015

Minor declipping, minor dehum, declick, fade in / fade out and tracking preformed in Izotope RX June 6th and 7th 2015.

There was a bad cable on one of the Piano mics that reared it’s head during "Dreams of a Working Class Clown”.

This has been cleaned up as much as possible. Some artifacts do remain.

Mastered in Ozone June 7th 2015

01 To Be Young
02 Dear Anne *
03 Sweet Lil’ Gal
04 Winding Wheel
05 Don’t Ask For the Water
06 Ryan Breaks a String
07 Dreams of a Working Class Clown
08 Ryan talks
09 He Knows My Name
10 Ryan Talks
11 Oh, My Sweet Carolina
12 Damn, Sam (I love a woman that rains)
13 AMY
14 Encore Cheers and Ryan talks
15 Baby, I’m a Fool for You.
16 Come Pick Me Up (METAL VERSION)
17 My Love For you is Real
18 The Fools We Are as Men
19 Born Yesterday
20 Funny How I’m Losing You
21 Everything’s Alright
22 Come Pick Me Up
22 Come Pick Me Up
23 The Bar Is a Beautiful Place

to my knowledge, this is the last of (6) public performances of ‘Dear Anne’.
a incredibly productive spring for Ryan produces a great show in a small East Village lounge. If memory serves, the tickets
were $10 or $12 bucks.
I talked to Ryan before the show as he was walking in with his guitar to ask if it would be OK to record. He quickly said,
“no problem, tell the sound man to speak with me”. Upon entering the venue, I located the sound man and let him know that
Ryan indicated it would be OK to record. He went to the dressing room and confirmed with Ryan.
Many thanks to the Fez bartender who comped my entire bar tab for no apparent reason. It was a good day


This is great. Thanks for the heads-up.


Link for the DL?


pretty sure there’s links to all on that tumbler from the first post. I went and downloaded a few from I haven’t listened to any of them yet.


This is one of my favorite shows from the early era of The Cardinals. They were just finding their stride & the early “live” versions of songs that would appear on JCN kicked ass with JP on guitar.