Official Faithless Street Gardening Thread


Got 17 figs a growin’. Already. Thanks, mild winter and global warming.


I had a banana plant, but it died.


I have a backyard full of flowers. Some I grew from seeds, some I bought and many were here before me and I’ve been maintaining. And some were from my boyfriends grandmothers back yard that she gave us.
Nothing edible in my backyard though.


I only plant and work on edible things. But I do have a 5’ tall lamb’s ear that’s quite a sight.


I have a pair of dwarfs; apple, pear, apricots, and peaches. They are staggered in age so only the peach and the apple are bearing fruit at the moment.

Blackberries - These things are weeds, but I read about primocanes and I’m going to structure these chaos.

Corn, hot and sweet peppers, a strawberry spiral with 50 plants (everbearing)

A patch for my kids that is just pumpkins, squash and cucumbers.

I’m not a horticulturalist, but that ^^^^ doesn’t look like lamb’s ear. Doesn’t look soft, fluffy, and it doesn’t grow straight up like that.

I also am only interested in growing stuff I can eat.


…or smoke


My Paw Paw tree is bearing fruit too. Damn.


And yes, it’s a lamb’s ear. Furry leaves and all. Just grown up.


It’s almost as tall as your house. Soon you’ll be able to climb it to get up on the roof to smoke weed in the sun.


If only I had planted weed.


Plant it on your neighbour’s side of the fence, where they can’t see it.


It’s me on an acre, then 14 acres of (lately) soybeans, then the highway. Used to be cows. Here’s a curious one outside near the fig, which is lower right, covered in straw. That’s why the cows came over.


OK, newest redneck info is that it may be Mullein, not Lamb’s ear. But it looked like Lamb’s ear when it was smaller. Apparently the tea works for anti-inflammatory and respiratory issues.


Aww. I want a cow that comes by.

I have bunnies and birds in my front and back yard. I feed them and they keep coming back! :blush:

Someday I’ll section off an area where my dog can’t pee or poop on it and maybe grow some stuff I can eat. Or smoke.


I had to throw snowballs at the cows to get them to leave and not eat the straw surrounding my fig. But otherwise they gave no benefits.

In one day recently I saw bunnies; groundhogs; two crows hunting, killing and eating a snake; a fox, and cats. So it’s a regular Wild Kingdom out here.


Fun to look at!!
I live in the suburbs. I’ll take what I can get.


Did they at least have the common courtesy to take a dump?

Mullein sounds like it has a lot of benefits. Good herb for winter.


we have a big herb garden…about 7 rows of herbs and pansies & strawberries throughout and then a big terra cotta strawberry pot

two big standing veggie gardens
lots of varieties of tomatoes and peppers
peas & we have a rhubarb plant by the fence
then i made a bed strictly for the golden raspberries, blueberry and blackberry

5 cute little chickens
3 annoying dogs
1 fire pit
2 kitties

4 bee hives this year but i keep 3 on my property at work and 1 in a spot about 10 miles out of town

the harvest for honey will good this fall…should be close to 4 gallons …maybe more…


You have all those berries, do you also have bears?


Let’s not change this splendid topic to a discussion of Balv’s favorite sport (squash).