Official Faithless Street Gardening Thread



my favorite sport is baseball

also, set up a fucking sweet badminton net in the yard for the kiddos to play

they’re getting good!


I have quite a few snakes hanging around my yard. All appear to be garter snakes - so not too worried. Although the two most recent ones I saw scared the crap out of me. One slithered out from underneath a large mushroom I was throwing out and the other came out from a dead tree stump as I was mowing!

My veggie garden goal was replaced by a fence project.

I did have a pleasant surprise of learning that I have tigerlilys by my bushes. Last year they weren’t in bloom when I bought my house.


Some of my lilies and potted flowers right now.
Trying again to grow Sunflowers but nothing yet. Will keep you posted. And Grizz waiting patiently to go outside.


I can see getting into croquet with my kids. We have a great backyard for it. Yes, I might have less melanin than you at the moment.


Good pup, Grizz. What a cutie!!


i can’t see myself EVER playing croquet

and that’s not snobbery…that game is just not fun nor challenging at all.

but your kids are younger right?


TRAMPOLINE. that’s a workout and when your’e a kid you don’t understand or know that it’s a workout.


My in-laws got us a killer trampoline a few months back. I made the mistake of jumping on it. At my age when you stop jumping, you don’t really stop jumping.


There was a time you could have called me a hoe and it would have been a bit accurate.

Also, I’ve killed fake plants before.


do you pee yourself too?


Been known to.


Occasionally or just while on the trampoline?


while on the tramp


No but if someone makes me laugh too hard there could be trouble.


Hot temps, deer attacks, and infrequent waterings made this a bad garden year.

The only thing thriving at the moment are habanero peppers. I made the mistake of preparing hot sauce without gloves and my left hand felt like it had gonorrhea. I’ll probably switch back to serranos/jalapenos next year.

That being typed, this was a decent year for our peach tree.


I love habaneros. Wish we could grow them. It’s hatch chile season around here. Can’t get enough of them.


And “deer attacks” made me laugh.


I enjoyed Ely’s hand gonorrhea.


First year in our new place and finally have a greenhouse…


Got an old apple tree as well which is looking productive…


I’ve kept an indoor plant alive for nearly 3 years. So…