Official Faithless Street Gardening Thread


That’s more than I can ever say about myself, although my wife loves to garden.


Our house is where plants go to die.


It’s actually 2 plants in a glass pot. One is a succulent and the other is a…grass? Anyways, I call them Dave and Buster and I put them in the window ledge in the morning and bring them back to the living room in the evenings and they get watered twice a week and I talk to them, They both have some serious personal issues.


Dang, Exile. You are doing my life goals.

That’s a weird way to talk about your sobriety. *Sorry, your phrase seemed like a set up for some kind of joke.

I like a woman who likes habaneros. I keep hearing about these hatch chiles…are they really like the Porsche/Tesla of chiles?


Lots of flavor. I had them first in New Mexico and grew to love them. They have big roasting days at stores here during the season. I highly recommend them.



This translates to hot peppers and women.


I want to build a homestead eventually where I can grow many edible plants. I just need to get enough money together to buy a cheap piece of land and an airstream trailer to live in. Possibly Northern California, possibly Florida, not sure where yet. I need to go explore potential areas. I’ll probably wait till the next recession is in full swing so property values are lower


CA or FL? Might want to change your idea of cheap. How about WY or ID?


Florida has a lot of cheap land if you’re far enough outside the cities. Actually the cities there are pretty affordable with the exception of Miami.

Northern Cali is pretty affordable in the interior counties


Oregon is pretty affordable too. Coos Bay has some reasonably priced land near the ocean


def not montana.


Keep in mind that I live in LA so anywhere (other than San Fran or NYC) is cheaper than here