Oh dear...


Yeah, I think those last two paragraphs sum up perfectly how I feel about it too.

And the people on the FB Archive who are totally consumed by his BS man-child persona? Really? Since when is that ever cool?


Ryan’s Cyber Sycophants are pure comedic gold. I used to visit a couple of the fanboy message boards back in the late 00’s just for laughs. I never joined. My membership application would have probably been rejected for not fitting the required fanboy, psych-profile. Which means cyber filate all things Ryan Adams at all times. Fuck!! What were the names of those sites? I think there was answeringbell.com, tobeyoung.net & ryanadamsarchive.something? But, you could buy yourself a fucking six pack & a bottle of Blackhaus & stay in for the night & just laugh your motherfucking ass off at the comments of his uber-fans. Blatant ass kissing at it’s finest.

Some of the best examples were the lot of them bragging up his website rips (dotccom mothafucka, etc.) & how he needed to officially release those because they were just pure genius. And how they all creamed their pants over III/IV. “Man!! Ryan just nailed it with III/IV!! It’s fucking brilliant!!” Too God damn funny. I miss those days. Endless laughs at someone else’s expense. The good, old days.


I was part of alt-country.org and whatever version of that there was prior to it but wasn’t so active in that one.

At alt-cuntery I had a healthy love for Adam’s music but a distinct hate for him as a person. There was plenty enough there to keep you entertained and I really do miss that place, even with the really cunty characters that would defend DRA as genius.

I really wanted to get word that one member in particular, happyhead, had killed himself.

Also, I was blamed for bringing the place to it’s demise and I sometime have to remind people that balvenie was actually the one to blame. :slight_smile:


Phoebe will always be asked about this, it seems.


Well she won Instagram.


Celebrity skin always wins.


I haven’t seen a BIO section on an artist’s website quite like this in some time.


Man, fuck that guy.


Imagine having to write this sort of thing. You have to take an acid shower afterwards.


Unless you write it yourself, which I’m sure he did. No one is using “profound” for that bitch anymore.


Replace “profound” with “perverse”.


Replace “perverse” with “greasy”


I don’t understand how his websites work; he completely changes them more frequently than any other artist I know, and when he does, it wipes all of his user subscriber data (with the sign up page, which in the past I’ve done every single time). From a data management perspective, that’s just very poor execution. Or perhaps he knows that he’s basically starting over fan-base wise. But I think that latter comment requires self-awareness, so I’ll go with poor data management.

Also, I see we’re sticking with the ugly, outdated 80s arcade game style design.

A glance over the FB “RAA” shows rabid excitement. You’d think he’s the second coming of Jesus over there.



I’m appalled by the absolutely piss-poor writing on a stylistic and mechanical level. Who the fuck went in there and made that comma-ridden garbage fest?


Not to mention that typeface on the main page is atrocious. Such design details get under my skin haha. It’s not 1987, typefaces are so much cleaner now, you don’t have to stick to garbage. But then again I guess that’s the appeal for him.


I’m sure this won’t be enough for some people here (nothing will), but glad to see this, hopefully he can move forward from this and become a better person.


You’re right. Nothing will.


We can’t all be perfect like some here.


Nobody here’s remotely close to perfect, especially not me. I tend to be more persuaded by Mr. Adams 7 accuser than him. And we’ve all read his apologies over and over again. There are certain crimes against people you should never get forgiveness from. When a thing you do changes someone else at their core in a negative way, you don’t deserve what you, yourself had taken away.