Oh dear...


I think nowadays anything that generates a bunch of clicks moves to the front. Most “news services” seem to care more about popularity than accuracy.


I think that his move to update hhs website is very telling. I don’t think he’s going to be held accountable for any of the claims against him.


Some responses.


I think he should’ve apologized to the women directly, and would say that’s much more important than the public one.

On a side note, the snippet with the discussion with Phoebe Bridgers about his “sudden resurgence” – that’s a bit over the top, no? Resurgence referring to an article saying he has a lot to say, and then nothing happening? Unless we qualify resurgence to mean “having an instagram account”, I’m having a resurgence every day (most days).


Yeah, an actual human being would have said–“Work out your apologies in private before telling everyone about it and expecting absolution.”

But I don’t imagine he listens to people who have his best interests in mind. Everything about him makes him seem like he favors ‘yes men’ types of people.


That apology reads like a “Best of” everything he was supposed to say.


He’s more likely to have read the bio on his website than his apology.


He can apologize all he wants. I just wish he would stop being a dick.


He’s got a box set of apologies ready to go whenever his label can get them out.


But haven’t we heard most of those apologies, too?


This popped up today, but I’ve got to admit I’ve moved on from following his music, career and apologies.



“At the moment, I think of Adams like I think about the statue of Robert E. Lee that needs to come down, get dragged through the streets and dumped into the river. I’m over him.”



Finally a voice of reason.


The usual story for RA, looks like he’s about to finally grow up, and then shoots himself in the foot in the next sentence. How hard is it to just be an adult and own it and be better? (And of course, not treat your wife like crap in the first place.) I suppose we should’ve seen this coming, starting with those empty promises of magical box sets of tens of albums since the early 2000s.

General observation of the FB “RAA” – what’s the deal with people there defending him tooth and nail? That cult-like obsession is just straight up creepy.


I don’t know. They also seem to like his shittier albums. It’s weird. Never forget- someone got a Cardinology tattoo.


Always reminded me of the Hebrew letter Gimel.


also very close to Greek lambda. λ


True, they love the crap out of those albums. Granted, I’ve never liked Rock N Roll from day 1, but still; people act like Easy Tiger was the best thing ever too.

I feel like his albums since ET have been kind of like this apology; half-hearted, could use better lyrics, and about half of it is good, other half is garbage.


And they should have been sent to Mandy Moore directly instead.


I have mixed feelings about Ryan’s pre 2006 work, all the good stuff I mean. On one hand I feel like it was a huge part of my life, and honestly we all knew he was a complete shithead for a long time and obviously overlooked it. In another era, I think he likely wouldn’t be faced with public shame or any real retribution for his behavior but that in no way excuses his actions. It’s easy to write off most of his recent work because it wasn’t very good. I feel like someday I’ll probably be more willing to separate his older work from him as a person and listen again.

Anyways, I think he’s prepping a comeback soon in light of this apology. I’m sure his people see the pandemic as a complete distraction and reset of what happened to him in the media. And I actually sold a couple RA items online this week, so I know some folks will be receptive to him.