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From the article…
“Phoebe Bridgers spelled this out when she described her initial relationship with Adams, which began when she was 20 and looking for her break in the industry. “There was a mythology around him,” she told the Times. “It seemed like he had the power to propel people forward.”
Read more at https://www.nme.com/blogs/nme-blogs/shouldnt-star-born-win-best-picture-oscar-basically-ryan-adams-story-2452722#kp6B31gyh4gIE7WM.99

Seriously, who did he propel forward? Jesse Malin?

His only known musical associations are with people who were more famous/successful than he was…sometimes before he was…


Let’s not confuse a good story with things like facts.


I wonder if she gave him back his vintage guitar?


do you think ryan and robert kraft are somehow linked to the sex trafficking?


I wouldn’t. I’d sell that shit!


Ruby Amanfu
**Like This Page · February 21 · **

When someone does nice things for you in this industry, you often feel that there’s a debt you owe to them that you can never fully repay. So you excuse a lot. You forgive a lot. You put up with a lot. And you hurt a lot. Yet their ill behavior towards you is never acceptable. It is never ok.

I’ve been belittled, bullied, manipulated and held musically and emotionally hostage by sick men in this industry more times than I care to report. They’ve dangled career advancement before my eyes, trying to hypnotize me into believing that I can only advance with them in charge. They’ve used money, not as a tool of benevolence but as a means to control me. It’s a nauseating roller coaster ride that I don’t wish upon anyone, yet so many of us fall into the trap. It happens fast. You get those calls - or those direct messages on social media - and you believe everything you’re told without taking the time to find out who these people really are. You tell yourself that you don’t have the time to wait and find out because you think that if you don’t accept their advances-for-advancement with a quickness, it could mean you miss out on the golden opportunity. Hindsight is 20/20 while foresight is shoved to the side for fear of missing out on something that you’ve been made to believe that you need ~ or maybe it’s even something that you want.

I recognize that not every instance of abuse can be avoided. I am only here to tell my story in hopes of opening a door or a window to shed some light, if possible.

**Since the news about Ryan Adams came out, I’ve said to myself often this past week, “Well, I’ve only experienced emotional abuse, not sexual, so I’m lucky.” I’ve had this twisted belief that emotional anguish is somehow less worthy than physical anguish. **

**I’m done with that false belief now. **

I don’t feel lucky when I see the long term effects that this abuse has had on my life, my career, my ability to trust…and to heal. There’s an album that will never see the light of day that we tracked 3 years ago (to the day/week, in fact) with some of the most beautiful, honorable, talented souls on earth. I endured a lot and have nothing to show for it. I have carried shame for the past 3 years as people have inquired, “Whatever happened to that album you made with Ryan Adams?”, unable to share the truth that I was made to be the pawn in some sick game that I never signed up to play.

Chauvinism is an open, infected sore that affects many. Most do not even know that they are sick. I pity them but I am far from having any empathy for them.

I do not believe that humans are quintessentially bad or good. I believe that they are a product of their environment and that they ultimately decide what they will do from there. I’m not here to condemn any man. I am here to condemn a behavior that does not get to be swept under the rug. I will no longer talk myself out of the anger that I feel.

A dear friend said to me recently ~ “Lessons come not always in pretty packages.” I agree. I’m finding that they’re often painful. Yet I’m learning to accept my lessons as they come, without shame. The biggest lesson I’m learning is that I am Worthy; anyone who tries to make me believe any less is not worthy of my investment. My talents and my artistic gifts are a bloodline for a lot of people in this industry. I’m learning that there are times in which I must close the blood bank and cut off their supply.

I will no longer be a Prisoner.

#TimesUp #StepBack #SeeAllTheAngles #YouAreNotAlone #MeToo



It’s a good thing he didn’t come to the .org raving about the snare sound on Easy Tiger. He would have been eaten alive.


He fucked with Ruby too? What a fucking ASS. He really had a boner for Jack White, didn’t he? Ruby, Meg, Karen Ellison. I think about Tal Wilkenson, bad ass progressive bass player. See how kick ass she is with Jeff Beck on Ronnie Scotts. When Ryan got her to play on whatever shitty recent album of his I definitely had that “it’s because she’s hot and looks 13” thought since she’s basically wasting her time laying whole notes down on his crap. Confirmed.


Anyone ever done time as a server/waitress/bartender?

All this cheating and sexual harassment reminds me of my short stint in the restaurant industry.


let’s hear about it.

worked in the service industry…saw lots of fucked up shit…but for a young 20 year old i was too immature to realize how fucked up it all was.


I was a waitress for 20 years.


I was a bartender (beertender) for a few years. I did have a couple guys randomly grab me and kiss me.


I was a bartender for about a decade. I worked in a place that was 3.5 acres inside. No fucking joke. And most nights I was the only male bartender so I made good money. What was the question?


I know it’s not a restaurant. I went on a few dates with an ex-stripper. She told me that one time a man paid her extra to hold a hamburger between her legs as she swayed to a Motley Crue song and he ate the burger.

I don’t see how you could go on after that. None of my standard server stories compare to that. She had a joyful spirit, lust of life, and all of that, despite the experience. I lost touch with her when she moved back to Alaska. A pal of mine in D.C. told me her father died, and then her sister in the next six months, and then she OD’d.


Great story, sad ending.


I remember Billy from RAA. I vaguely remember that thing with the recording…
(And you probably remember this but RA was Wolfhunter at RAA not Spacewolf.)


Server and Stripper are two very different things!