Oh dear...


billy the kid was her username.
the “letter” she wrote doesn’t track that well…not saying she isn’t a victim but i had a tough time trying to understand what happened to her between her and ryan…?
am i just dense?


the hotel i worked at in Billings, MT was a place for pimps and prostitutes and METH. right along I-90 and so my boss and supervisor were sucking dicks and fucking in the storage room all the time…all these scroungy looking tatted up sunken eye crazy mother fuckers…

well, one day i’m going about my biz and stocking bathrooms and organizing my shit when i get a call on the radio to come to the front desk.
the dude that worked the counter was a gay methy dude…really liked him and he liked me and the bar and casino manager was his lover and the one had HIV …so they were both really just sad all the time…but the front desk guy told me i needed to get up to room 206 because guests on either side were saying it was loud in there and there was screaming. i was like you want me to go up there and tell them to be quiet??? this is about 4 in the afternoon…

so, i go up, my 21 year old self and knock on the door…i hear whimpers and a man screaming at a lady…i knock some more. she answers and she is beat to piss…swollen eye and bloody lip.

i literally tell them both to keep it down and that we’ve received multiple complaints from other guests. the dude pushes the girl aside …he’s shirtless…and gets to the door saying we’ll do whatever the FUCK WE WANT…
i say great, listen man i’m trying to do my job, and trust me, i like the cops about as much as you do, but if you can’t keep it down i’ll have to call em. the dude pulls a smallish buck knife from his side and just glares at me and says do what you gotta do.

the door slams on me. pulse is racing. i’m irritated and agitated and pissed this guy is beating up a woman. i talk to my boss…she is a meth head…always has these black eyes…but just because she’s been up for 20 hours straight…she tells me it is so and so and such and such in the room and she blocked it out for “maintenance” and that they’ll be out of there in a couple hours…uhhhhhhhh…holy fuck.

so, at that point and the next two years, they have been and continue to use blocked out rooms to run girls and drugs through…

but get this, that pimp that was in 206 was in a standoff downtown w/ the police w/ in 2 days…i saw his picture on the front of the billings gazette…
shortly after that, the main boss in charge of housekeeping was arrested…my supervisor took over for her and the prostitution stopped but the drugs didn’t.

had some funny and fucked up times at that hotel. i have pulled out so many passed out drunks from the pool…some of the maint men were sketchy as fuck and pulled no punches w/ the guests…i was a glorified janitor/houseman/shuttle driver.

i literally couldn’t get a native to wake up one day…he was passed out in the pool area…he wouldn’t move…i yelled and prodded…so i went and got a 5 gallon bucket of ice water and dumped it on him…that woke him up but he still wouldn’t move!!! so i grabbed him by the leg and the middle of the back of his pants and picked him and threw him outside. he was clueless.

took a lot of smoke breaks in the boiler room, made friends w/ the cooks at the restaurant so i could have fucking bottomless chicken strips.

i’d get dibs on the leftovers from the shit people would leave in their rooms…lots of coolers and beer that would be left.

my supervisor had 3 kids and all of em were fucked up and on the path she took…the eldest has a kid at 15 w/ a loser dork that thought he was a gangster…

she’s alive and well and now head housekeeper at a marriot in billings…never thought she’d survive.


No, that thing is really poorly written. Not from a sentence to sentence standpoint, but informationally and organizationally. She gives too much detail in some places, nowhere near enough in others and fails to connect her timeline coherently.

Also bothersome is the the fact that she illegally tapes the Cork Ireland show (against Ryan’s wishes) and provides an excuse for doing so (I’m fan! and I wanted to share with those who weren’t lucky enough to go–which paints her as doing it for others–selfless) that abdicates responsibility and begs the reader to agree with her POV and assumes they will forgive her.

In a piece that blames industry people for bad behavior, the very least she could do is not try to explain away and justify her own. Her failure on that front invalidates her own maturity and platform for laying blame.


she was at the time an unabashed ryan fangirl. ryan could do no wrong.
she also covered a ryan song each day for one month and posted on youtube. some were good…some were not …i can’t speak to what happened along the way in her musical journey…doesn’t sound good.
i do remember thinking she continually sought attention from others and especially ryan…SO, in that regard, ryan did hold some power because her and others like her would do anything to get attention or get noticed. but ry ry ain’t off the hook…at the end of the day, he knows full what he’s doing and he’s a jerk.


She also used money raised from her fans to travel to Ireland for the show, and to ‘film some videos’. Walking around in Ireland and making iPhone selfie vids hardly seems like a good expenditure of fan money. She could have done the same in LA or wherever and not foolishly spent fan money on her skylarking.

But then again, I have trouble with the whole ‘beggar artist’ economy anyway.

I should probably not go listen to her music, because if it’s not brilliant, I may come back and comment in the negative on her yet more.

And for the record, I think the industry is full of creeps and assholes, and worse. So I’m not giving them a pass, just saying she is perhaps not the best mouthpiece, or needs a bit of editing.



They aint getting no money back. He already gave it to R Kelly for bail.


As long as the show goes on, why would they be entitled to a refund? As far as I know, he hasn’t been charged with a crime, and him being a jerk isn’t grounds for a ticket refund.



does the article say anything about refunds??? and entitlement???

i read that some campaigners were asking for the glasgow show to be cancelled/nixed in support of the women.



"Despite recent allegations of sexual misconduct, Ryan Adams’ upcoming UK and Ireland tour dates are still scheduled to go ahead – with fans struggling to receive refunds. "


personally, if the show was still a go i’d sell my tick or see if i could get a refund. i realize things life this have a very short shelf life…meaning people have short memories when it comes to their idols being douches…but for me, it’ll be a while before i support him for a show or an album.



Wow. The idea that anyone would give him support ever again just boggles the mind.


No, not dense at all. It’s all over the place. I guess she wanted to let people know that she also had experience with RA regarding her music? I don’t know…


Who is this person? Is this recent?


It’s Miley Cyrus. No, it’s not recent.




I take pride in my ignorance on this one. She was basically in disguise anyway. This is what she usually looks like:


Ok, now it’s my turn to ask:

Who is this person?