Oh dear...


‘Some people consider loyalty an admirable trait.’



He also had an account on Twitter under CopiaKylo, the twat forgot to use even remotely different names, and now the Twitter account is deleted


What a pud.


Here’s Kathleen Edwards on the subject:






Right, all caught up now, thanks .:kissing:


UK/Ireland tour has been cancelled… bummer


I wonder who made the final decision.


Guess I should be happy with all the shows I’ve seen. Sounds like we may never see him again.


i know i won’t pay to see him ever again…but it’d go a long way for him to come clean, own up and start making amends. these misogynistic ryan rally cries that just keep minimizing and twisting the facts to suit their own agenda (Ava manipulated Ryan) have really just made me scratch my head, become upset and to see ryan supposedly make fake accounts and join them really leaves me thinking he’ll never get it nor even try to see it from the women’s standpoint.


Anyone who has any faith in Ryan Adams doing right by women going forward is a fucktard.



man, there’s always a sliver of hope. but i won’t sit around waiting…

but if you could be a doll and keep tabs for me, i’d appreciate it



Aww. That’s so sad. The UK was the only place he was really popular anymore.

Thoughts and prayers.


They were always the only people polite enough to be privileged with his presence.


The prices on his signature guitar pedals have not tanked like I thought they might. Both pedals are interesting and useful ideas.



The perfect song for the goings on the last few weeks.


Yes was thinking of playing it