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I have the VCR, it’s pretty sweet.

What is the defcon4?


It’s oddly complex, but the long and short is you can switch between a single coil and humbucker guitar with a click of a switch, rather than having to readjust your amp levels. It does more than that though.


There’s a joke only older members will understand. I think his stuff is still at Ryan’s studio.




and the good bits:

You had Ryan Adams on your show in 2017. Were you aware of any of the allegations that have recently been brought against him? Were there any warning signs?

I don’t even remember talking to him about relationships — I just remember talking to him almost exclusively about music, his life, and how he came up. I don’t think, in that interview, there was any discussion about his interactions with women, or even his marriage. There was no way to know other than what I could glean from that conversation, which is what everyone knows: he’s a troubled, tormented dude who’s struggled with a lot of things. But there was no indication to me through our conversation.

The episode with Mandy Moore was recorded before the New York Times story about Ryan Adams was published. Were you aware before doing that interview that that piece was on its way?

You should’ve told me to ask her. [Laughs] I just did what I do — a regular WTF interview, and I thought it was great. Afterward, I said, “Look, if you rethink anything or you’re not comfortable about what you said, let me know — about Ryan, or whatever.” She was like, “Well, there’s gonna be this New York Times piece. I don’t know when it’s coming out, but I talked to them for it, so it’s fine.” Then we were like, “Alright, bye!” [Laughs] In light of it, I think that if I would’ve talked to her after it came out, or if I knew the nature of what was coming, it would’ve been quite a different interview — and I like the interview that I’d done. It dealt with that in a natural way and it also dealt with who she is as an artist

As a music fan, have you found yourself facing an ideological struggle as you’ve revisited artists you’ve loved that have since been revealed to have done bad things?

To be honest, I don’t listen to a lot of Ryan Adams anyway, really, in my life. Things do become tainted, though, and I don’t think there’s any way they can’t. It does shift your perception of things — and that happens with or without [being aware of] horrible transgressions.



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sorry in advance, but this RS article is a piece of shit. seriously, you’re going to tell us that RA was warning us of his sexual predatory ways in the lyrics of his songs from 15-20 years ago??? suck my dick.




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