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He might have been talking about her back to be fair…


If it’s anything like Brie Larson’s then I could understand why.


from a pitchfork piece on the new Jenny Lewis album…

“The allegations are so serious and shocking and really fucked up, and I was so sad on so many levels when I heard,” Lewis tells me. “I hate that he’s on this album, but you can’t rewrite how things went. We started the record together two years ago, and he worked on it—we were in the studio for five days. Then he pretty much bounced, and I had to finish the album by myself.

What a shit head


Yeah that superhero pic was pretty rad.


Well, there’s hope for Ry-Ry yet:


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neither do i. i’m just a natural jerk


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apparently big colors is back up for pre-order on amazon and best buy


Fuck that guy




devil’s advocate: jenny lewis’ new album has money behind it, which also means she now has big label marketing fucks, P.R. people, etc., trying to promote sales of her new album… the P.R. kids hold a meeting to decide how to hand the RA “issue.” the consensus amongst the P.R. gang is for jenny lewis to distance her name from RA as much as possible, and to side-up with the females/victims on the other end.

i’m reaching for straws here people, c’mon… it’s possible, right?


I remember when Ryan was talking about working on her new album, he talked about it for like a week. Maybe it was Lewis who was talking about it… I can’t remember. I always thought it seemed weird.

By the way, the new album is pretty damn good. I like it much better than her last album


The UK site doesn’t have it up currently


Ryan worked on Jenny’s Last album too. I liked half The Voyager and thought half was really weak. I can’t wait to hear her new one.

Doesn’t sound like she’s trying to distance herself from Ryan bc someone told her to. Sounds like he bailed on her while making this album just like he apparently did with Liz Phair while making her new album.

I read that as Ryan preys on the weak and doesn’t bother with more strong self assured women.


Ryan keeping it classy in one his fake Twitter accts


Oh damn. I’ve read a couple of her graphic novels. Ryan is such a shitty douche.