Oh dear...


wait, what am i looking at?? and you’re saying this is RA’s burner account??


It’s no longer up on the Amazon U.S. site either. I think it was a fuck up on Amazon’s part as it was their exclusive orange vinyl edition they were supposed to have for release on 4/29/19. That was the original release date for all versions before the fit hit the shan.


It’s one of his fake twitters
He’s been on there since day one screaming and being a jerk
Keep up man


Like we need more evidence that twitter will be the end of civilization.


oh dear…ryry just can’t help himself…


He had so little power. And since that has been taken away, we see who he is and was. What a truly sad bastard. Just sad. Pathetic, even for a jilted 14 year old.

Just a sad little man.

‘Small in the game’ as Lily Allen would say, no doubt.



I think that may be just a misogynistic troll. He can’t be that unhinged. Even if he were on drugs and booze again.


Yeah, I don’t think that’s Ryan. Maybe that dude who liked impersonating him. Either way they should get Ryan’s dick out of their mouth.


Mandius Moorius sure sounds like
some shit Ryan would come up with.

I wouldn’t put anything past him.


I’d be surprised if any of those were Ryan. I think people underestimate the craziness of his hardcore fans…they’re nuts and I can easily see them creating accounts like this.


Sharper C handle is now deleted.

Let’s play a game, who is crazier: Ryan fan boys or Ryan himself.




for me, there was/is no doubt sharper c was ryan.


It’s been relatively quiet from DRA’s end since almost the end of January with exception to his social media trolling aliases. I think he’s in some serious shit.


The hammer is going to drop.


Was putting my RA collection up for sale on Discogs tonight. Opened the Cardinology comic lyric book - how telling…



Looks creepy af


Agreed. He is back online btw., changed the name from Sharper C / sharpercritique to ilikelice and now he is SharpieStache.
I followed that Twitter account for a while and just took the time to read all his tweets.

The humour and style, like it or not, it’s 100% Ryan Adams. Weird and mean and funny as fuck. You can’t just fake that imo. Also he keeps deleting controversial posts that could cause him trouble – a troll would never do that. The vibe of this account is totally different from that Mandy Moorius/Copia guy (who I am sure is NOT Ryan). I must admit that I still love Ryan’s quirkiness and sense of humour even though I am appalled by the allegations.


Good find but awful too