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That’s awful :frowning:



Bret Easton Ellis claims about Ry-Ry’s underage sexting that "the FBI said they didn’t even know if that was a crime concerning this particular case.” I wonder where he has that from. I’ve not seen that reported anywhere else.


He’s pretty much a right-wing weasel, so consider the source.


Right, I guess what surprises me is that the Irish Times didn’t fact check that.


If they are just reporting on comments he made in a podcast, they don’t need to fact check the content of his comments.
To do so would expose an agenda on their part. At the same time to NOT do so might expose an agenda on their part.

And here we are.


This seems the least of what Ryan did, but I don’t want to defend any of his behavior.


I have a friend that used to be acquainted with Ryan. She worked at a venue he played at here and we all hung out one night around 2009 (I think?). It was right around when he got engaged. Anyway, his tour manager at the time was the one being creepy that night. He took his shirt off and basically cornered my friend in the kitchen and seemed overly handsy. She didn’t seem worried though, so we didn’t do anything. The fucker left his coat at the house we were at and I ended up delivering it to him at the next stop on the tour in St Louis. He texted me a million times and was kind of a dick, but I figured I’d get to hang with the band or at least get something out of bringing his stupid coat to him. We’d hung out with RA enough after the show, had dinner and given him a ride back to his bus so I thought he might remember me. Instead he glanced at me before the show when I was with his tour guy and kept walking. After the show he snuck out of the building in a colored wig. It tricked a bunch of people but I knew it was him.

I was surprised to find out years later that she still kept in contact with Ryan and would hang out with him sometimes when she passed through LA. She was in a really shitty, but somewhat successful band. Apparently he would talk about them playing music/recording together all the time even though she couldn’t do much more than punch some keys and scream. And I remember her telling me that he liked the fact that she didn’t know his music at all. Strange.



It’s always interesting when RyRy’s version of those events at the Ryman show come up. We can all hear what happened on that night, as somebody was recording the show, and it’s on archive.org. He comes across as a douchebag, and what he says in the article does not match the recording at all. That’s his MO: he can say whatever he wants, and that is THE definitive version of events. Anything else is fake news.


Yeah, kind of funny he has so much disdain for Trump yet uses similar tactics.


somone over at the ryan reddit posted this about Paxam:

> From a thread on the FB RA Archive, dated yesterday, regarding a very quiet PAX-AM studio:
**> **
> “We’re getting ready to leave LA for the day and head back home, but just stopped by one more time. Still nothing, BUT we ran back into 711 for a water and met the manager. He actually knows Ryan and refers to him by name, and he said that he’s heard that paxam is in the process of being sold. That’s why it’s being gutted slowly, and will be converted into a women’s shelter later this year.”


Wow. Closing up shop? Career over?

That might be unnecessary but maybe he’s leaving LA. Maybe going back to NY?


When the shelter is complete, Ryan’s not going to still work/live there though, right?


i heard he’s gonna turn it into a KFC


This would be like converting a Taco Bell into a Culinary Arts institute. or a Superfund into an organic garden.


or a whorehouse into a church


So…the guy that works at 7-11 is the one this news came from?


My guess would be he’s moving as well. In the end, the studio is just a building, and I’m sure he’ll set up shop elsewhere when he moves.


So no more compressed 80s sound? All it took was getting MeToo’d for him to give up on the reverb.