Oh dear...




I wonder if he’s on some medication that makes him bloated. His head looks like the Sta-Puft guy.


Yeah, very bloated. He’s slowly morphing into Jack Black.


Can’t tell if they think he’s a woman, or they just really need an editor. But anyways, they really need an editor.



Oh, unnamed brunette girl, let us tell you about the album he said he would produce…


That one pic of him, in his defense, has been stretched sideways and it makes him appear much wider/thicker than he does. You can tell by the not-round shape of the smiley face pin on his coat.

But he’s still, as Steely Dan said, ‘the expanding man.’


It must be all the steroids he’d been taking to get ready for the tour.


Well he certainly got shredded.


Yeah, it’s called alcohol. He’s been getting more and more bloated over the last couple years. Could explain his dickish behavior also. This camera block photo is classic. Girl looks so Mandy-esque. He created his own hell.


Just stumbled upon this article, yes it’s from Feb and you’ve likely read it but it just feels beyond the pale to me. Media people are disgusting. The writer admits he was a fan of Ryan who’d written about him many times before, but now goes back retroactively to analyze lyrics from his entire career to read abuse and manipulation into all of them. That’s fine but you might want to point the finger at yourself if you’re going to capitalize on others abuse, missteps, pain whatever. So many people in the media are assholes who will turn for or against a person/cause easily just for clicks/views.

Should we go through Michael Jackson’s catalog and look for instances of child molestation? Will Billie Jean suddenly be removed from Jack FM? The media is so hypocritical and self-righteous sometimes.


I remember that article. And my attitude towards that article has not changed one iota. It was put out within a week of the allegations & was just part of the obligatory pile on. It was nothing more than speculatory bullshit.

With that being said…I still maintain that Ryan Adams is, was & will most likely always be a dick. But, he seems to be an equal opportunity dick in that he appears to treat most everyone like shit. Regardless, I’m still a fan of his music (1995 to 2005 ) & will listen to it again if & when the mood strikes.


We all read it and agreed it’s garbage

It had nothing even remotely close to something resembling a point


ryan’s manager:


I want my career back. Whaaa. That’s great.


ex-manager, after that. Whatever someone thinks of Ryan, that’s pretty unprofessional to do that.


Of the manager?


Yes. If I were a musician, I’d think twice now about having her represent me. Who knows when she’ll decide to make any private conversation you have with her public? Not worth the risk.


Or just doing the right thing and showing his true self

Kudos to her…professionalism be damned


At a boy Ryan!! Don’t take any personal accountability for the downfall of your own career. It must have been the failed interventions organized by your manager that’s to blame. I’m sure any competent manager could clean up the whole mess with just a few phone calls. And Presto!! You can resume your career of releasing mediocre album after mediocre album. It’s pretty much been a lather, rinse, repeat affair since 2007. You can continue to treat most human beings like shit. Easy Tigers rarely change their stripes.


Best review on Ryan yet!!!