Oh dear...


If that is real he has lots of growth/work to do. “let me get back to my entitlement and pick up my crap”. Sounds like a dry drunk/addict entitled king baby.

Sometimes we don’t change unless all the people who care for us and love us walk away, or threaten to. Ownership can be difficult for an addict, and often only happens when you have nothing left.

I wonder what Elton John thinks and/or have they spoken?


it’s real. it’s from her instagram acct…she posted the screen shot


She should drop him, but not sure about posting his chats. I do not think of that as professional behavior. Professionals fire somebody, then do not bother to speak ill of them in public.


Still. Fuck him. I hope he spends eternity sucking Michael Jackson’s unwashed dick in hell.


sure thing…but we’re talking about ryan dick bag adams here…if you’re gonna do it, it might as well be something like that, that sheds light on his fucking current state of mind: waaaaahhhhh, i just wanna work…victim shhhmictim…wahhhhhhhh.

fuck him.


Right and wrong behavior is not conditional.


I’m sure the manager is seeking Social Media attention, much like everyone else. I don’t think this will raise her profile as a manager.

I agree with the Crimson Panda.


I too agree with the Crimson Panda even though I think it’s funny.


I agree.
I’m not exactly sure how posting a private conversation on social media will help her maintain a reputation as a trustworthy individual.


Are you back on the sauce? I mean bourbon. I’m due to buy another bottle.


I’m slightly saucy.


It sure ain’t but for me it ain’t the big take away

She is outing a dick and putting a spotlight on a hot steamy turd and probably knows she’ll suffer for it and she should. i see no harm in doing that for the conditions put on such an act…she is in the wrong and so is ryan



Yeah Paxam looks like a haunted house now. Someone tried to smash out the concrete below the front gate to presumably try and break in but the damage was repaired.

The PaxAm light was still on for awhile but was shut off a few weeks ago




That’s a lot of words that aren’t “I am sorry”


Exactly nick.

At least he sprinkled in a “believe truth.”

So, by his account we are left to assume that when life’s tragedies strike that we are given a free pass to manipulate and abuse power to gain sexual favors


Sticking his toe in the water to see if it’s time to get back in.


Swing and a miss. Still a pretentious douchebag without a conscience.