Oh dear...


This drama is also going back and forth on twitter today as well.



Kinda makes me miss twitter, but much like booze, I’m better off without it.


I hate that argument. He didn’t lose the right to a career. If he releases music, it will be up the general public to choose whether or not to support him. Should David Bowie have stopped releasing music after it was revealed he had sex with a 15 year old? Or should John Lennon have stopped releasing music after he beat his wife? Just because someone does something wrong, doesn’t mean their right to earn a living should be taken away (unless it’s something that lands him/her in jail of course).


he sure lost the right for support.

i can’t battle against his career and surely there are lots of people out there that will continue buying his shit.

not me.

and to answer your question, i don’t listen to bowie or lennon and if bruce springsteen turned out to be a turd, i’d stop listening and supporting him too…it’s not really a movement to suppress or stifle support it’s more about just not wanting to give creedence and a platform to someone that is toxic (at least knowingly do so)…buying and supporting into an artist gives them that platform and stage for abuse.

it’s cool others can separate it and i separated him from the music for a long time, but sometimes we need to draw lines and i felt the need to draw it for myself…others did too

not sure what my opinion means to you dan, but i doubt you care if i don’t care if you listen to ryan or not. that’s your journey and that’s your right.

freedom is freedom so long as others’ rights don’t infringe upon mine or the rest.


The conversation about being able to separate the artist from the actions comes up pretty frequently in my circle of friends and acquaintances.

I have a real hard time understanding how someone can separate the artist from their deeds and be perfectly okay with it. It’s a moral choice to decide to entertain yourself through someone’s work knowing that they are people of poor character.


For those new to this particularly sordid episode, here’s a brief recap. While staying at Seattle’s Edgewater Inn in July 1969 (having shared a bill at the Seattle Pop Festival), members of Led Zeppelin and Vanilla Fudge, and their respective entourages, are alleged to have pleasured a willing groupie with a fish caught from the local bay.

Can I still listen to Led Zeppelin? My kids like “Immigrant Song” because that’s the track that kicks in when Thor remembers he’s the God of Thunder.




The answer is no on all fronts. In all likelihood, almost every musician, actor… ah fuck it, for that matter…human being has probably committed some act or said something at one time or another that someone might “morally” object to.


But see, that’s your choice, and each of us are able to make that choice for ourselves. I just don’t like the idea that having a music career is a “privilege”, and if you act a certain way it can be taken away because someone else decides that. If you are talented enough, it’s your right to have a career in any chosen field (movies, music, writer), and it’s up to the general public to decide whether to support that career or not. Some really good music is/was made by some questionable people, and like you said, some people can separate the art from the person. I don’t begrudge people who can’t, I can understand why you would feel that way, I just personally don’t. Am I a fan of Ryan the person? Not particularly, and that didn’t start 6 months ago either, but I can still enjoy his music (although not his recent output, because it’s just not that great).


Ryan had a slew of women come forward to honestly tell their story. No one claims they were beaten or raped. Just manipulated, controlled or belittled. The public who gave a shit collectively balked. I think everyone has come to their own conclusion and the evidence seems pretty fair. Ryan will find out if his art is good enough to counter his assholery in due time.


I agree completely. You summed it up perfectly.




Spot on.


He’s retweeting and commenting on a lot of Fender’s new guitars. A bit embarrassing really (didn’t they drop him?)


He starving for attention.



at least he’s gardening and listening to more sabbath



Nice but you may want to re-format so he can read it.

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