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should i throw the word “healing” in there too? and something about a dead brother?


Yes, and don’t forget TRUTH. All caps. Then something about Galaga.


Don’t forget to mention how much you love cats, chicks dig that.


Bro that was funny


Oh and you’ll be blocked when he wakes up around 4pm EST.


she’s a brosephine


Oh and don’t forget to throw in something about the universe or the cosmos.


Seriously. I’m the Virgin Fucking Mary with Lionel Ritchie on my lap. Anyone could see that.




Not surprised, we all knew Ryan would return sooner rather than later. It’s unrealistic and silly to think that he won’t have a career. He’s a complete twat, but unless he’s charged with a crime all we can say is he’s a shitty manipulative dude. I don’t get the goal of the whole cancel culture thing. Consume his product or don’t based on your own beliefs and leave it at that.

The sins of boomer celebrities shouldn’t excuse Ryan or anybody else in the internet age (although I’m sure he would’ve relished the freedom/adulation of being famous in the 70s or whatever), but at the same time it’s pretty disingenuous to take some moral high ground with someone getting metoo’d right now but then pretend that older artists weren’t shitty to women as well.

Anyways, I got into Phoebe Bridgers first album after all Ryan’s transgressions and I’m much preferring that right now to his output. Her song about Ryan ("Motion Sickness) takes some great shots at him and I suppose that’s comforted me more than anything being said in the media.


All well said.

I think his career is definitely beyond its peak. I think this whole “issue” was the rubicon point for people who listened to his body of work (like me) knowing full well he was an uber douchebag but didn’t previously have a moral reason to jump ship. I think a lot of those hangers-on have, in fact, jumped ship and he will have nothing of a career remotely like he had before. He is, in effect, done.


That’s because you are an adult.
When is Louis CK coming out with his next special?


I guess if he didn’t make a career out of sadbastardshetreatedmewrongsadrelationship songs it wouldn’t be so fucking righteous that he’s being called out for being a garden variety dick.


I was never much of a Louis CK fan. He always kind of reminded me of a real life George Costanza manifested into existence, which is just sad and pitiful. The real issue we’re getting at is that even in the supposed era of “woke capitalism” if there’s money to be made off a product it will be sold. Corporations, regardless of how woke they pretend to be, only care about turning a profit.


I was listening to stand-up on Sirius XM radio the other day ‘Raw Dog’ channel (the one with the cursing) and they were playing Louis CK stuff. No idea how long they have been doing it, hadn’t listened to it in years.



If that’s near your house, it should say ‘PEDOS.’


We played at some garden parties this weekend. There was a very nice couple singing together and I couldn’t quite place the song. Then I realized it was Winding Wheel and I got a little put off. It was just my automatic reaction. Later I told my husband I kind of flinched when I realized they were doing a Ryan Adams song. He said “you mean that Wonder Wheel song?”


Wonder wheel sounds like it could be a Medley.