Oh dear...


My first thought was, ‘well he got fat’ but I guess he’s been headed that way for a decade or more, like many adults going into their 30s and 40s.


He took the Jeff Tweedy body molding classes apparently.


Remember how he was all yoga and trying to get Mandy Moore? Yeah, that was funny.


He started chunking up at that time, and I thought he was being all LA and lifting weigths or something.


Actually he got really scawny and looked like the weezer guy.


Holy hell hes f’d up. Jesse Mallins band looks Super stoked he’s on the stage.


Is that Cat Popper playing base for Jessie M?


Surprise surprise… there were 4-5 videos
Of the Hotel Cafe gig including ones where Ryan was stumbling around and really bad vocals that have been taken down. Only 1 left.

The PR machine is at work…,


I’m ashamed at how badly I want to see this train wreck.


Fuckin’ A man. Cat Popper seems to be enjoying it.


some people that were there said he seemed to fucked up…aka drunk or stoned or both…and that jesse’s band was less than impressed that he was there…given their facial cues.


He appears little over-stoked :metal::metal: for the gig…


Fucking wow.




Who cares about Ryan playing with Jesse? Here’s something way cooler.


Yeah, couldn’t watch the whole thing. Boy is tweeeeeeeeeaaaked. Jesse must be a nice guy to even have him up there.


Jesse Malin’s music is shitty… Ryan Adams, i’m sure is adding to its lack of quality.

I could only last about 20 seconds into that voice.


Fucked up drug people have a certain sloppy elegance to them. They’re used to that state and move well within its roil and crash.

Sober people lose that elegance and look a twisted mess when they relapse.

I’m looking at you, Ryan.


well put


I like how you all are talking shit about Ryan getting fat, but when Christian Bale does it he’s “devoted to his craft” or whatever.


There’s a Weinstein joke in there somewhere.