Oh dear...


Ryan looks like he’s “devoted to his Kraft” as well.



Ryan Adams out for a jog!!!


JESUS NATHAN CHRIST! Do you think he knows his legs are COVERED in spider veins???


This is a lot to unpack.



like @highlife said ryan is 250 lbs of shit in a 200 lb box

or something like that.


In every way.


Great T-Shirt tho!


I look forward to his next album Bat Out of Love is Hell.


Featuring the singles “I Would Do Anything For Love (Yeah, Even That)” & “Paradise By The Skype Phone Cam”.



Fuck him. I hope the consequences of what he’s running from catch up to him soon.

Fucking shit person.


That’s one step from ‘I don’t make you angry, you choose to be angry’ kind of garbage.


Ryan heard about Covid 19 and offered to produce her first album



She’s the first person I’ve heard give him any sort of compassion. That’s pretty big since she’s such a badass. Still the guy repulses me.



From Jason’s review of Southeastern…

I was going to do that with Ryan Adams. He was going to produce it. And then at the last minute, he pulled a Ryan Adams and backed out, probably because he heard the songs and was threatened by honesty.



Ryan wasn’t a fan of “chaos and clothes”


Put down the shovel and stop digging Ryan.


Does this post imply he uses Sprint and has 100% battery?