Oh dear...


That seems unlikely. On my list of people with 100% battery, DRA has always been last.


He was accused of 100% battery as well?


Yes, all of it domestic.


Regardless, I think he’s guilty as wireless charging.


Domestic or imported… Either way I hear he likes it aged between 15 & 24 years.


Although he hasn’t been charged yet.


Bridgers has not heard from Adams since the Times story ran. “There are Twitter accounts that pop up that are, like, ‘You fucking bitch, you sold sex for success’ or whatever, and I’m, like, ‘Is this Ryan?’ That’s never been proven, but every once in a while some weird and specific comment will appear, and I’ll think, Are you starting a million burner accounts and bullying me, or are these just your weird men’s-rights fans?”


To me it seems like Jason Isbell is an example of someone who effectively uses twitter.
Mr. Adams seems like someone who struggles with how to use it… from what I can tell.

Him blocking me from following him years ago was a favor.


You pretty much hit the nail on the head. It would appear Ryan Adams just has poor people skills in just about every facet of his life. I can honestly say he came off as a general D-bag in the first article/interview I ever read about him. Which happened to be a Whiskeytown cover story in the No Depression publication back in '96 or '97 (I still have a bunch of No Depression issues from the 90’s stashed away somewhere). However, in my opinion, his talent as a singer/songwriter/musician was absolutely undeniable. He made a lot of remarkable music from 1995 to 2005. Some of my all-time favorite music. I will never like Ryan Adams the person (I never really have). But, I will always love a lot of his music. No embellished allegations of his poor behavior will change that for me.

I’m in direct opposition of the cancel culture we currently reside in. Ryan Adams is an asshole. But, he hasn’t been charged with a single crime. But, the court of public/social media driven opinion has judged him guilty and might have ended his career. I’m sorry for those that hate him but that’s just wrong. Anyone that thinks that is justice deserves to have the same thing happen to them. Mere accusations of the non-criminal variety shouldn’t be enough to take someone’s livelihood away.

I know expressing this unpopular point of view will likely diminish my status on this board. But, I never really considered myself one of the gang anyhow. And to all a good night.


Well we’re pretty inclusive here and you should consider yourself one of the gang.

I agree with a lot of what you said. Ryan has always seemed like a total asshole. That doesn’t change his output of some of my favorite music either.

I don’t doubt Ryan crossed the line with a girl who was underage. I’m not going to stop listening to him forever because of it. He didn’t rape her but people are treating him like he did. There’s a huge difference to me between saying something inappropriate and sexual assault.


I’m not sure where I stand on this, probably somewhere similar or between both of you. To me he was never someone I respected as a person - even though I never met him. Most of what he has been saying online, for public consumption was just stupidity framed as stoner talk. I do like a lot of his earlier music, but given the context of what has happened I don’t really care to listen to it with the same mental approach.

I can’t pretend to know the circumstances relating to his personal relationships. I do think that there are probably many women around that tried to take advantage of him professionally and sexually. I find it ironic that they are rarely called out for that sort of thing. Maybe that will be one of the next big cultural swings.


you’ve always been part of the gang. surprised to see you think otherwise!!! but i feel the same way about myself…sometimes…my mouth and sarcasm are pretty low class and can get me confused w/ someone who is an asshole.

anyways, raise your hand here if you have a child ? or even better…a daughter? i agree that we shouldn’t jump on the cancel culture bandwagon…but when someone like ryan…who we all share deep feelings and history with those song connections…continues to just betray and berate those around him…including friends on past message boards (see excowboy) …that 2008 year was the year i felt myself pulling away from ryan…he would continue to have some real gems…and he’s always going to be a big part of my brother and i’s musical journey…ryan and whiskeytown were there for all of it!!!

“Ryan befriended a pubescent girl, on the pretext of an interest in her musical talent. He asked her to keep it secret, worried about her mom, with whom she still lived, finding out. At 40, Adams was lamenting that just-turned-16 Ava didn’t share pictures anymore. He could have, through her, asked to speak to her mother, given advice, set her up with a studio session, people in the business who can give guidance, etc. Instead his treatment of her put her off pursuing a career in music. His behavior toward Ava is not an aberration, an anomaly. It’s just the extreme iteration of a pattern of action and behavior towards a lot of women. The age aspect is the one thing that finally trips over the legal and majority cultural boundaries. He’s a piece of shit dirtbag.” from a long time ryan fan


The FBI is investigating his sexting with an underage girl. That is criminial. Ryan knew as much, saying in a text “If people knew [of our texts] they would say I was like R. Kelley lol.” That’s pretty damning. When you take into consideration power dynamics, waiting on a conviction to steer my moral compass would be foolish. Michael Jackson was never convicted of anything, but I doubt any of us would have allowed him to babysit our sons, daughters, nieces or nephews. OJ was never convicted of murder, but I doubt any of us would return lost sunglasses to any of OJ’s exes. I refuse to cut the guy any slack when it comes to Ava.

As for the Me Too stuff, I could have easily forgiven that stuff had he apologized. Not the apology that he vomitted up. “To anyone I have ever hurt, however unintentionally, I apologize deeply and unreservedly” is not an apology. The “however unintentionally” keeps it from being an apology because it shows that he’s already absolved himself of responsibility.


This is just where we differ. I don’t have first hand knowledge of what “happened”. I’m treating the allegations as just that…allegations. The only people who know what the actual truth is are Ryan & his accusers. My best guess is the actual truth lies somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, the truth now-a-days can be somewhat subjective.

Mandy Moore was quoted as saying “tell your truth” in regard to her Me Too moment. That never sat well with me. “Tell your truth” not “tell the truth”. What the hell does “tell your truth” mean? To me it means tell the truth as you perceive it to be. Which means it might not be the whole, actual truth. Points of view can differ greatly. So forgive me, I just have a hard time accepting over embellished allegations of an ex-wife & and ex-girlfriend as 100%, gospel truth.

And again, none of the allegations were physical abuse, sexual assault or rape. They (accusers & NY Times author) made sure to use all of the key, trigger words (emotionally abusive, controlling, manipulative, etc.) to get the desired reaction of pseudo outrage from the SJW’s that live on social media. When Covid 19 is over & social distancing has ended I propose that a new order of “Social Media Distancing” is put in place. It might make the world a better place.

Most people( male or female) tend to paint their exes in the worst way possible. The vast majority of relationships that do come to an end, generally don’t end on the best of terms. Be it friends, lovers, spouses, employers, etc.

Ryan Adams has pretty much come off as a blatant asshole since day one. I would never argue that point. I’ve never really liked the guy myself (just like his music, before he started to suck about a decade ago). He’s the socially awkward guy that tries too hard to be funny & cool. And all he accomplishes is looking like a dick the majority of the time. But, I have serious doubts that he’s the monster that smear piece made him out to be. I’ll repeat myself and say I know this viewpoint won’t win me any popularity contests. And that’s OK.


Considering how coming out against famous white men (in regards to abuse of any form) has historically been fruitless, I’d wager there’s a greater chance that he’s a bigger monster than we will ever realize. I think you’d find that many women just don’t find it worth it. It’s not worth their name being dragged through the mud. It’s not worth the possible implications it could have on their careers.


Trial by public opinion exists. Good and fair journalism exists too. There is nothing to indicate this was a smear campaign.

Our court of law is a joke. Just cause it’s the best we got doesn’t mean we have to accept it.

The journalist received and corroborated stories of Ryan’s conduct…the fact they won’t release the texts and screenshots is a good indicator that the journalist is a decent human and not out for a smear just because he can…

If your 15 year old daughter was groomed by a celebrity that they had an affinity for I dare say you’d be on the phone with family, friends, lawyers and a journalist too

and yes, just ask phoebe or leah about physical abuse…shoving a girl’s head in your crotch is physical.


I believe that he took advantage of women pursuing a musical career to use them sexually then toss them off without regards to what happens to them. That’s enough to make his sensitive, fragile music that I used to love sound like fake bullshit to me. I’m not asking that anyone else feel this way.

We’re grown ups here, jonestown. Even mr gay makes sense sometimes. You’re as welcome here as any of us.


Yeah, I feel the same way. Those songs feel different now. I don’t know that even a real apology could restore that.


I’ll keep this short. I don’t need a conviction. I’d just like to see him brought up on actual charges (criminal or civil for that matter) & see all the credible evidence against him before I judge him guilty of being a monster. I need more than allegations before joining the cyber lynch mob. You can judge my moral compass as out of order if you will. But, I’ve rushed to judgement in the past without having all of the facts or hearing both sides of a story. And I regretted it for a long while. Fortunately, I was able to repair that friendship. But, it taught me a good, hard lesson.


I have two daughters and if a 40-year-old creep was spending time with them online when they were young teens - for whatever reason - I would have been livid.

I don’t think even he has denied that, and its enough for me to pretty much dismiss him as a major asshole… and potentially a criminal.

Young girls or young boys should be assumed to be innocent.