Oh dear...


jonestown, no one is judging you harshly…at least from what I have seen.


all good here dude. no judgment on your or others.

i get my opinion as much as you do yours and i just hope we all can all return some grace and tolerance each others’ ways.

we’ve all known each other and been friends for too long to let ryan adams get between us.


I need to apologize & recuse myself from the human race for a while. I’ve been in a pretty bad mood the last 4 or 5 days. I’ve been taking Lexapro(antidepressants/anxiety medication) for about a year. I hate the way it makes me feel numb & fatigued. I got pissed & quit it cold turkey last Thursday, I think? I’m pretty sure I’m going through withdrawal the last few days. Needless to say, my moods are worse than usual. And maybe I’m coming off as antagonistic. This isn’t an excuse for my views on the DRA situation. I unapologetically own those views medicated or unmedicated. And I will maintain those viewpoints until I’m presented persuasive evidence to the contrary. But, I will apologize for being an antagonistic asshole. I’m going to try to sleep through the withdrawal. But, Lexapro is one of those medications that can take weeks to build up in your system. I guess it might take a while to eradicate it from my system as well. It really sucks & I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Not even DRA. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh, my name is Jerry, btw. I find myself growing tired of using a phony name. I need to see if I can change it from jonestownkoolaid to Jerry. Or maybe I just have to register a new account as Jerry? I’ll figure it out.


dude. you SHOULD not quit that shit cold turkey!

that could be very serious for you.

my sister in law was on that shit and did what you did…she was all over the place.

i’m thinking of getting off my antidepressant…but i’ll be calling my doctor and weening off it…i’m just a shit show lately myself. i think i’m driving my wife nuts. i’m just a mixed bag of selfish ungrateful emotions…and boy do i feel even worse!!!

and no worries jonestown, no amount of lexapro will ever change the fact that ryan is a piece of shit dirtbag :slight_smile:
hugs your way my friend!!!


change your name to Bort.


I thought about Statler or Waldorf.


Ironically, I just ate cold turkey for lunch.


Luckily, I didn’t throw the meds away. I might need to start taking them again. It’s embarrassing but today I’m finding myself breaking down in tears for no reason & then feeling exhausted. I was on 15mg. One 10mg dose & one 5mg dose. Maybe I’ll start back on the 15mg for a week or so & then reduce it to 10mg for a week or so & then down to 5mg for a week or so. And then none. This is really bad. Maybe I should start drinking again? I quit booze at the end of 2019. Fuck!! Do I feel like shit!!


Nice to have you here, Jerry!


I changed your name, Jerry.

Hear me out. Have you thought about switching to Hydroxychloroquine? I am hearing very good things. Like the best things.

Hang in there, buddy. Like Balv said, you can’t stop that stuff cold turkey. You have to ween yourself down. Also, don’t start drinking if you are already breaking down at random times.


Thanks!! But, I’m afraid there’s no turning back now. The last time I took them was last Wednesday night. It’s been almost a week. I probably shouldn’t start back up. I’m just gonna have to gut it out now. Just chalk this up as one of my many fuck ups. The pendulum has swung back the other way & I feel OK now. I’m hoping it doesn’t swing back the other direction anytime soon. Thanks for all the advice. I’m just back & forth today. I was only joking about getting back on the booze. Humor is my only coping mechenism.




I’m liking this comment for it’s honesty and overall realness.


Do NOT start drinking again

Edit, caught your comment after…

Welcome Jerry. Welcome to random strangers caring about you. It’s a good group to be in.


Is that the shit that Trump’s been pimping? That’s a hard pass. I’d like to get off the meds altogether. However, I do have high cholesterol & borderline high blood pressure. I’ll have to continue with those meds. Those conditions are pretty much hereditary. I tried changing my diet and what not but nothing seemed to help. But, I’m a dedicated carnivore & pretty much hate most vegetables with the exception of corn & raw carrots. I drink V8 Fusion to get my daily serving of vegetables. Perhaps, I should start spiking it with vodka? I kid!! I kid!!


Believe it or not but I’m a hell of a lot of fun when I drink.


I’ll be totally honest. When I lost my wife last year, I craved being numb. I just needed the break. I tried countless medications and countless bottles of booze. Lexapro might not be the right medicine for you. Don’t give up hope. There are other medications that will work the way you need them to. If it’s anxiety, I have a warm spot for benzos because they can be taken as needed for maintenance. My benzo (Xanax was my flavor) usage has subsided greatly. Also, and almost no one will agree, Xanax makes me one charming motherfucker. Even taking into consideration everything she’s been through, I have zero doubts I could woo Melissa Etheridge right now.


Yeah I was just joking. I promise.


I do my best to not pay attention to politics or politicians. But, it’s damn near impossible to not hear about some of it.


As charming as Barry & Levon?