Oh dear...


Well, just go to her window.


I’m going for a walk. Perhaps, the fresh air will do me good. Then I will continue my Son Volt marathon.


I like this ‘call back’ to the vintage Etheridge joke that used play 'round here.


Fingers crossed. Today is going much better than yesterday. I’ve only had one, little episode & it wasn’t anywhere near as intense as the ones I experienced yesterday. Yesterday was the absolute, fucking worst since I foolishly stopped taking that shit cold turkey. I’m well aware there’s plenty of time left in the day. But, I’m hopeful that the worst is over.


good to hear jerry.

i had an hour session w/ my counselor yesterday …over the phone. it helps me so much to dump stuff on her and then she can help me sort through it…make sense of it…but i can challenge her and vice versa.

have you tried counseling?


Counciling, as in some narcissist tells you to yell at or punch a pillow and find your safe place, is ineffective for me. I needed a full on psychiatrist who can monitor my medications.

What I know about my own mental illness and chemical imbalance is honesty on my own part and a willingness to tell people to fuck of who don’t understand has been a great contributor to my mental well being.

If people don’t understand your situation, can’t grasp your situation and won’t work to the realization that it’s real…well, neither of you need one another.

But you can’t be an insufferable prick because of it either. :slight_smile:


My last counseling session was almost three months ago. I was going once a week since last July. But there were some scheduling conflicts for the first few weeks in March & then the stay at home order due to Covid 19 came. So it’s been nearly three months since my last session. It’s alright though. Our hour long sessions were probably equally split between her listening to my frustrations & me listening to her trials & tribulations of being a newly wed & having her first child. I felt like the sessions should have been free as I provided just as much advice & support to her as she did me. I’m only kidding. She was pretty cool. I liked her a lot. It actually did me good to hear someone else’s stuff as it helped me forget my own bullshit.


I choose to be an insufferable prick as a hobby. Not because of mental issues.:sunglasses:


Yeah. I’ve been to several therapists. I liken them to chiropractors that insist on being called Doctor.

All the therapists I went to seemed to need attention; to tell their stories, too. It was frustrating.


I just finished a little exercise followed by a twenty minute walk. I feel pretty fucking awesome right now. I could go a round with Mike Tyson & only come out of it a paraplegic instead of a quadriplegic.


Are you seeing a psychologist with a PhD or a counselor with a master’s degree? This sounds like the latter.


It was the latter. I already let them know that I won’t be returning even when the stay at home order has ended. I’m going to try to work things out on my own again.


What a great fucking day!! It took a week but I think it’s out of my system. I just did 60 sit-ups & 30 push-ups in a row without getting winded & could have grinded out more. I’m easing back into exercise. I don’t want to overdo it my first day of feeling good in almost 6 fucking months!!. I couldn’t do 30 sit-ups & 20 push-ups in a row without sucking wind while I was on those fucking meds. I’m feeling really good about this now. Thanks for listening to me whine like a little bitch.


Happy to hear. :sunflower:




Glad to hear it buddy!

Wishing you well
Please go easy


Thanks!! But, what’s gotten into you? Quoting a Ryan Adams song? Really?:thinking:


I was going to ask the same.


Call me on your way back home?


Daylight comes and exposes…