Oh dear...


That’s wonderful to hear, Jerry!


I should have tempered my enthusiasm. Today sucked for a few hours. But, it could have been a lot worse. I need to realistically adjust my expectations. It might take a few weeks before I’m totally adjusted. And I might discover that I still hate life as much as Monkey hates Ryan Adams. Which then it’s back to square one & perhaps a different medication. But, I desperately want to be off those kind of meds. So I’ll just need to weather the storm a little while longer.


I think the obvious choice is The Drugs Not Working.


…or Fuck the Universe.


Idiots rule the world


This might not be the proper thread or hell, even forum for this question. But, is Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains) about squirters?


Considering his propensity to text underage girls, I thought it was “Damn Sam, I Love a Woman’s Hymen Membrane.”


you said it man


Whoo!! I just received a “Respected Badge” here on Faithless Street!! What a fucking honor!! It looks like I’m number 17 in that illustrious list of Respected Badge owners. Number sevenfuckinteen , bitches!! Suck it!! It’s funny where ideas come from. The number seventeen reminds me of that shitty song by Winger. To celebrate this monumental achievement, I’m going over to Ryan Adams’ Facebook Page and request that he cover Winger’s - Seventeen acoustically. Apparently he’s been covering 80’s songs (big fucking surprise there) acoustically for donations to the CDC. It fits the 80’s theme he’s been pimpin’. So Seventeen by Winger it is!! I don’t expect this to go over well.


Looks like Ryan is relaunching his website with possibly a subscription radio service.



no thanks!


Fuck him. I will be one of the people that take the word of his many accusers over him. Guilty until he proves himself innocent. Because you’d want to shout it to the tree tops that you’re innocent, right? Fuck him. Fuck anyone supporting him. Fuck anyone that gives the man a single dollar for his music and any part of his now tarnished catalog and spoiled legacy.


Progress report. I’ve actually had a few good days in a row now. I’ve started a little exercise routine that I do twice a day (morning & evening). I’ve altered my diet somewhat as well. Mostly protein. I’ve dropped a few pounds already. So no meds, no therapists & no booze. So far, so good. But, I’m not quitting drinking altogether. I just need to not drink when I’m angry, stressed or depressed. I know. Easier said than done.There are occasions where I’ve drank excessively for no other reason than having a good fucking time. However, with Covid 19 restrictions still in place, I don’t know the next time I’ll be able to have a drunken’ good time with friends again. Thanks for listening, reading, etc. Hope all is well for the rest of you mofos. You too Meade. If you happen to be lurking about.


Good on ya. Keep in mind, the above are often aftereffects of having drinks a day or two prior.

It’s a loop. Get out of the loop.


Yeah…I need to keep that in mind. It’s hard for me to completely denounce all drinking. I did have some actual good times where drinking was involved. So it’s hard for me to regret it completely. It’s been nearly six months since I had a drop of alcohol. It’d probably be for the best to just continue that trend regardless of the occasion. The truth is I was already an emotionally fucked up, socially inept motherfucker long before I ever added alcohol to the mix. But, I can also acknowledge that it wasn’t always entirely helpful & the past several years it only compounded my problems. But, I refuse to blame anyone or anything for my bullshit. It’s a total, fucking cliche but I can only take it day by day from here. I’m just trying to find that middle ground known as contentedness. I’m just keeping my expectations realistic where true happiness is concerned. Thanks.


Still thinks he’s 14, I see.


More like 10. I’m pretty sure they had better arcade graphics than that by the late 80’s. Of course, my memory ain’t what it used to be.


I still enjoy a bowl of Froot Loops from time to time. And I appreciate the advice but it might have carried more dramatic effect had you substituted the word “noose” for “loop”. j/k I alway try to maintain a sense of humor. No offense. Thanks again!!


I thought the “Get out of the loop” comment was referring to this looping GIF.



I wonder if that thing is supposed to be hypnotic? Where are the subliminal messages? Like “Buy my records”, “Tell me how cool my Canadian tuxedo looks”, “Give me something good, oh wait that was a shitty single released by me”