Oh dear...



This one did give me pause.


Seriously. Go check that dude’s browsing history.



The timing of that article is interesting since Ryan is releasing new music. I’m not going to stick up for his asshole behavior I just want to see accusations from women who aren’t is ex’s.


I’d wager that if he could he’d fold himself away. I dunno. Maybe like a card table or a concertina or a murphy bed.


I wonder what e_a thinks about this? I bet she’s pissed she could have opened for Adams.



My Son: Ugh. Dad, this is horrible. I’m never not gonna know this now.

Me: Oh, Ryan, it’ll be okay. At least I never got a shitty Cardinals tattoo.


i’m seeing your point ankaa and what you’re bringing up.

i really don’t feel like it’s a band of sisters saying my ex dumped me or things ended badly and so now we have to shame him and air our dirty laundry. at least to me it comes off as this guy is abusive, he’s abused his position as a man in the industry and to cap it off…he’s also an immature piece of shit.

their voice and coming out together is important for the #metoo narrative and the fact this guy has history.

just scouring twitter and tby, there are others coming out now about adams…a photographer, a girl at a bar, etc…it’s coming out and people are finally calling him on it.

and monkey, come on man she was making good points no need to tell any member to go somewhere else…

although in the same breath, someone over @tby told me i was missing the nuances of the article and i frankly said fuck off eh. so, i’ll www.justleavethisrightere.com


I didn’t tell her to go somewhere else. I asked why she came back. Defending or excusing Adam’s for any reason is absurd to me.


it’s absurd to me too and i know things get heated man. you all are like an internet family to me and we can at least be civil. just pointing out for me it came across a little nasty. and i think you’re better than that.



to ANYONE saying this girl knew better or had it coming:
err on the side of gentleman and nice and human decency.

she’s the victim here guys. ryan adams, the adult, is not the victim. he’s an abusive jerk.

i’m a man. i’ll never fucking know what it’s like to go out in public…having to hurry and scurry to my car cause it’s dark out, being single and wearing fake wedding rings so “maybe” a guy won’t hit on me (they still do), or choose to go to gay bars instead so i can just go out and dance and have a drink w/ friends and not have to always worry about some jackass harassing, or posting a selfie and then having the scourge of the earth come out from under their rocks and start yelling “show me your titts” or mmmmmm, i bet you suck a mean dick…

nope. i’ll never fucking know…i have two teenage daughters and you better believe, no amount of preparation will save them from the likes of the meanness in this world. but my wife and i will do our damndest to make sure they’re good human beings.

fuck ryan adams and fuck those men and women in positions of power and those that continue to abuse that power. no one is perfect. we all get to make mistakes and hopefully we can learn from them, own up to them, apologize and show that our actions are louder than our fucking words or tweets.

fuck ryan adams.


He acted like a predator towards a 14 year old girl. <That sums it up for me.

fuck ryan adams too as well also.





don’t touch my baby



I recall him obsessing about his woman. Up next, Natalie Prass. Times up indeed.


I never defended Ryan. I was questioning the accusations. For example, Mandy Moore claiming it’s abuse if she’s told she’s not a musician.

I went away because a lot of my time was taken up with work travel and my time was spent doing something more fun.
I also wonder why I came back, but so what?