Oh dear...


“Let me touch your 14 year old chest.”


Speaking of subliminal messages. Because you’re Monkey & used the word “touch” in your reply this is the thought it triggered. And I’m really showing my age here. When SNL was still somewhat funny.



I like having my monkey touched.


Who doesn’t?





Just gonna put this here. I called it all back in 2014 and he blocked me right away lmao. Dude was always too online.




well, I do think his cover of 1989 was probably the best thing he’s done since Ashes & Fire, or perhaps since the Cold Roses/JCN/29 days. That’s not a good thing though.

Agreed, he’s gotta give it a rest with the social media in general. Though I’m not surprised he’s hooked – the whole platform is designed to feed on a person’s ego.


I could never bring myself to listen to the entirety of the Taylor Swift covers. It was such a strange choice and the material seemed beneath him at the time, but maybe that’s shitty to say. I heard a few in passing, and there was one that sounded decent but by that point he had lost me.


1989 is the only album I liked since the '05 onslaught. I wasn’t familiar with Swifts album so it played like another Rock n Roll to me in ways. One of my favorites but he’s still a dick.


I guess I stand alone on the not being able to seperate the artist from the deeds. I can’t ever see myself playing his music ever again.


Oh no, I haven’t listened since. Came across a shirt the other day and threw it out.


same here. i threw out all my ryan cds and shirts and posters but i couldn’t bring myself to toss the whiskeytown stuff…it just hits to close to home w/ my brother …and one day i plugged my phone into my truck like i always do…but the music app picked a random song like it sometimes does…Streets of Siren came on and i just couldn’t turn it off.


i remember wondering then and espeically now if his playing that album was a lure or attempt to connect or meet up w/ her…i know they did that interview together…it’s on youtube…

but just knowing what a douche pistol he is…i always wondered about his true intentions…

and, i also really liked his 1989 album take…i really love that album in general but ryan’s take on it was really good.


I definitely thought the Swift cover album was an attempt to get into her or her fans pants.

To be clear, I didn’t stop listening and toss the shirt because of any sort of “cancelling” by anyone but myself.


Ryan was likely attempting to achieve these particular goals with the Swift cover album. Get into her good graces while simultaneously trying to worm his way into her panties. And hopefully expand the marginal numbers of his own fan base by winning over Swift’s fan base. That’s the only angle I can come up with. I might be wrong as I so often am.


I love pop music but Taylor Swift is about the most bland and vanilla artist out there. Maybe that’s her appeal though. I know plenty of people who love her, so not judging her fans by any means. Pop music has gained a huge following of middle age dude bro music snobs over the past decade. Some, inlcuding some folks I know, are lonely creeps who idealize young women and want to fantasize about them through pop artists. Ryan probably overlaps with that subset on some level.

It might be a stretch to say that he covered the album to groom younger women or even to get in T Swizzle’s pants, but it speaks to his psyche. Without getting into psychoanalyzing nonsense, he still acts like a petulant child and inwardly probably never fully matured. And that extends to the way he treats women and probably who he’s attracted to.


no worries man.

i think she is awesome…she is a talented songwriter and refreshing at that…in terms of her peers…she’s way ahead…i can at least stomach a whole album of hers…but fuck that selena gomez or demi lovato


While I did say that 1989 is probably his best thing since the golden era of 2005, I should say that I barely listen to RA (rather, at all I think?) these days. Even before it was publicly known how awful he’s been to women, my interest was waining – fueled by the mostly sub-par albums of Prisoner and the ST, despite my initial new album obsessions at the time, and his little soundbites revealing just how fake all of those albums were, and his way of putting down country music. Those recent albums (post 2005) don’t age well – not only because of who he is, but just generally overall from a purely musical perspective. And honestly, I think his lyrics have been firmly on a downhill trend since Easy Tiger.

Maybe it’s because I tie those albums to a specific time period of my life, and I’m over it or whatever, but I rarely find myself reaching for an RA album.

And of course he’s just generally a bad person. And I’m over his adolescent BS schtick.