Oh dear...


I’m appalled by the absolutely piss-poor writing on a stylistic and mechanical level. Who the fuck went in there and made that comma-ridden garbage fest?


Not to mention that typeface on the main page is atrocious. Such design details get under my skin haha. It’s not 1987, typefaces are so much cleaner now, you don’t have to stick to garbage. But then again I guess that’s the appeal for him.


I’m sure this won’t be enough for some people here (nothing will), but glad to see this, hopefully he can move forward from this and become a better person.


You’re right. Nothing will.


We can’t all be perfect like some here.


Nobody here’s remotely close to perfect, especially not me. I tend to be more persuaded by Mr. Adams 7 accuser than him. And we’ve all read his apologies over and over again. There are certain crimes against people you should never get forgiveness from. When a thing you do changes someone else at their core in a negative way, you don’t deserve what you, yourself had taken away.


It’s a step in the right direction. I’m not particularly fond of folks playing the “addict card” for their transgressions. But, if he’s honestly trying to be a better person then good for him. I hope he can be a better person. I’m in the minority here but I don’t believe that he’s completely beyond redemption. If his accusers choose to accept his apology & move on…then so should everyone else. And then everyone can focus their favorite cyber pastime of recreational outrage elsewhere. Seriously, life’s way too fucking short to hold on to an obsessive hatred of Ryan Adams.


I don’t hate Ryan Adams.


Fuck Ryan Adams.


Sobriety is a good step for him.

Years of therapy and gaining honest-to-god humility is the next step. Without that, he’s the same sad sack of crap, only not high.




I agree, Dan, it’s a step in the right direction. Honestly, it’s better than most #metoo apologies…and way better than whatever his last “apology” was.

The cynic in me would have an easier time believing him if this apology didn’t just magically coincide with the relaunching of his website.


Yeah he threw in that part about how many songs he’s written at the end. Still calculated :+1:


Lmao I don’t manipulate under age women or people looking to me for help and guidance. If not doing that is perfection, then I’m sure a lot of us are perfect here.


If anybody on here sends me a random string from their “guitar” (but preferably not an A, B, D or E string), I promise not to manipulate it on camera until I know how old they are


I’ll give him the benefit of a whole lot of doubt & take his apology & wanting to change as sincere. There’s a good chance he’ll prove me wrong & I’ll appear foolish. I’ve learned to judge not lest ye be judged. It’s too easy to join the cyber lynch mobs. Especially when you’re not the one who’s actually been wronged. But, I’ll stick to the philosophy of “treat people the way you’d want to be treated” & that includes wanting forgiveness if & when I fuck up. We’ve all fucked up to varying degrees & I’m sure we’ve all appreciated a little forgiveness & a chance to make things right. If he can atone for his mistakes & his accusers can find it in their hearts to forgive him then that would be pretty, fuckin’ awesome. I doubt that will happen but I truly hope it does. Why? Why not?


He spent more time talking about the dozens of albums he’s penned than he did about Ava…

Ava got no mention.

time will tell.

I’m with Monkey in this one. This Ryan is a toxic manipulator.

I’m all for forgiveness but fucking around with kids is wrong


Thank you!


I was also a bit troubled that Ava got no special mention in his written apology. Not sure why only Mandy, Phoebe, Courtney, Unnamed Accuser 1 & Unnamed Accuser 3 got personal mentions but not Ava & Unnamed Accuser 2?

However, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m only a layman when it comes to accurately critiquing written apologies. I dropped out of the Judging Written Apologies 101 course at my local community college several years back. I was too busy with work & had other personal commitments that didn’t allow me the time I needed to finish. I do intend to enroll in the online version of the course in the future though.


Is Ava the 14 year old? I wouldn’t mention it either.


If there is any legal stuff going on anywhere, he may be advised not to mention them by his lawyer. Don’t know if there is, but that is a possible reason for their exclusion.