Oh dear...


I suspect the Ava situation is still under federal investigation. Which in that case, it’s clearly not in his best interest to address it publicly. And maybe he can’t until the investigation is concluded. I really don’t know.


I will say this…it’s going to suck if he puts out a great album like LIH or 29 and then the Ava stuff really comes to fruition.


Don’t worry, Nick. I’d say the odds of Ryan Adams ever releasing another masterpiece are pretty fucking slim. You never know though. There were some greats that suffered from mediocrity for almost a decade & then had a renaissance later in their careers. I honestly feel Bowie, Dylan & Young were examples of this based on the majority of their 80’s output.


The mark of a good written apology isn’t unlike apologizing to a significant other. You own it and don’t try to minimize your role in the incident. You don’t use phrases like “I’m sorry if you took offense or misunderstood…or thought…” You don’t say things like “I am sorry you feel that way…”. You don’t qualify shit. When you do that, the apology becomes more about you than the person you hurt.

I am a pro at apologizing. I fucked up a lot and have burned riot levels of bridges. Drugs and booze made a shitty guy. I never did anything like Ryan, but I wasn’t always the best to girls. Knowing and owning that made me a great husband and father.


I have had my own struggles with alcohol, depression & anger for a while. I’ve always been mindful to never share my “demons” with others though. I chose not to subject others to my bullshit. I’ve stayed away from relationships. I’ve pretty much isolated myself from love or being loved. Never married or been in a serious relationship.

I’ve had plenty of friends. Let me rephrase that. I’ve had plenty of drinking buddies over the years. I’ve slowly gotten away from booze over the past few years. And I haven’t had a sip of alcohol in over six months now. Unsurprisingly, all those friends…errr , I mean drinking buddies pretty much stopped calling. And that’s OK. I understand it. We’re in different places in our lives now. Our fellowship ran its course.


I hope this isn’t the only apology he’s issuing. This public, overall apology to “everyone he’s mistreated” is only the first step I hope. There should be some personal apologies forthcoming to those he treated like shit too. Maybe offer to those aspiring or struggling musicians he wronged some free time at PaxAm Studios.

I do like what he had to say in his “public” apology to the many folks he’s mistreated. But, he still has more to do here. And he has the means to do more for some of them. I doubt most of them can really afford studio time. He has a fucking studio he can offer. So how about some individual apologies & the chance to record some of their material. Don’t “talk” about becoming a better man. “Be” a better a man. Try to make things right if your accusers will allow it.

And if they would accept such an offer. Make sure there’s a good chaperone present so they feel comfortable. :smiley::smiley:


More than likely he will just give them $100 in Galaga play credits and a Krokus shirt.


I was thinking more along the lines of the unused PaxAm dollars that came with the limited edition Ashes & Fire Box Set.


Didn’t mr gay see the studio up for sale? He should give out mini records with gum in it instead of records. Miss those.


Did that one come with kindling?


And matches & kerosene.


The apology I think we all deserve…

“III/IV aside, sorry about everything post-2005 -RA”



You don’t get that kind of coverage unless PR is involved, generally.


I think nowadays anything that generates a bunch of clicks moves to the front. Most “news services” seem to care more about popularity than accuracy.


I think that his move to update hhs website is very telling. I don’t think he’s going to be held accountable for any of the claims against him.


Some responses.


I think he should’ve apologized to the women directly, and would say that’s much more important than the public one.

On a side note, the snippet with the discussion with Phoebe Bridgers about his “sudden resurgence” – that’s a bit over the top, no? Resurgence referring to an article saying he has a lot to say, and then nothing happening? Unless we qualify resurgence to mean “having an instagram account”, I’m having a resurgence every day (most days).


Yeah, an actual human being would have said–“Work out your apologies in private before telling everyone about it and expecting absolution.”

But I don’t imagine he listens to people who have his best interests in mind. Everything about him makes him seem like he favors ‘yes men’ types of people.


That apology reads like a “Best of” everything he was supposed to say.