Oh dear...


I bet he had to read the last few exchanges with each of these girls just to keep them straight.


If you don’t mind I’m going to go ahead and take a shower.

You can just keep posting and stuff.


I must be dumb, but is this about RyRy? It names a Conor at the end… Is this code?


I think she’s outing Conor Oberst being a creeper too.

I’m with highlife. This is icky.


Conor was the guy she had been chatting with on the dating app that acted like a creep out of the blue. Nothing to do with Conor Oberst here at least. There was a story online that circulated about him years ago, but I can’t remember if it was ever confirmed.


The Conor Oberst story was a confirmed lie.


I kind of remember that being the case, but I didn’t want to speculate off the top of my head.


I think that DRA is done. Finally cancelled. His big comeback on social media and his website are a bust. He’s made no serious attempt to come to his own defense regarding all the allegation against himself. He’s disappeared. Good.


I’d bet good money he’s using all this covid time to record his ‘comeback’ album.


And I bet good money that he’s in such a state that it will suck.


@Monkey now that you said it, watch him come out with another half-assed statement saying he’s “sorry” (but not really, since he didn’t talk to anyone he wronged). And keep saying things like “it’s time”. Time for what? To grow up, maybe?

That said, I agree, I don’t think he comes out of this (despite those on the FB RAA who think he’s Jesus). The solution is so simple, but he won’t do it. I’m not sure if it’s pride (maybe arrogance or ignorance is a better word) or stupidity at this point. Probably both.


Thanks for sharing. Good to read great writing. She tells the story and paints the picture very well.


I just finished reading all 692 comments in this thread and noticed you guys didn’t catch the wonderful banter on Natalie Prass’s Twitter where Richard Edwards (Of Margot and the Nuclear So-and-Sos) called out an abusive douchebag and then retweets the comment with a message for Ryan Adams fans. It’s since been deleted, but I snapped a shitty low quality photo of it on my cell that I’ll transcribe for you:

BKH @benjhouston Replying to @NataliePrass:
"I’m sorry but walking away from a shitty relationship does not make you a “survivor.” Congrats on making yourself famous off Ryan Adams’ back a second time."
Reply: Richard Edwards @margotnuclear:
Gross take

Richard Edwards @margotnuclear
Hey bros, I’m gonna give you some free advice. You liking someone’s mediocre music is not an excuse to pretend them showing their dick to a 14 year old is somehow ok.


Guessing payola is alive and well. KUTX the station that I listen to every workday played three RA songs from different eras today. Unusual.


I just checked out their website and it’s not even listed on the playlist but there are definitely gaps. I wonder if that’s so it doesn’t ping Google.


That’s pretty weird. Magnolia Mountain, something from easy tiger and something else shitty I can’t remember.


Don’t shoot the AIM Messenger.




Has QAnon cleared him though?


Yeah, I don’t know. They said “No evidence to support charging him with a crime” which is much different from “He never did any of that shit.” Reading between the lines here, it says the majority of their communication happened when she was 16, it also mentions the Skype calls. Skype calls aren’t archived somewhere, they didn’t have the smoking gun, all they have is a pretty good documented argument that whatever happened outside of texts and DMs was encouraged by this underaged girl. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s not that I think Ryan Adams is a pedophile, but I do think he was majorly flattered that someone this young was a fan of his and he took advantage to stroke his own ego.

In my mind this Ava thing was a fluke incident, a we do what we can get away with, haha look how famous I am, idiotic moment. The more upsetting thing to me was the abusive long-term relationships with girls who were half his age. I don’t think being a 19, 20, 21 girl makes you on a level to deal in a healthy way with a manipulative, successful, wealthy 40-something year old man. I just don’t. The power dynamic is completely fucked and while he’s over here buying swords for women on International Women’s Day and claiming to be a feminist, he’s also refusing to date girls who can meet him where he is. I don’t think that we should condone extreme power disparities in relationships, I think they should be a social taboo vs. something to congratulate a guy on.