Oh dear...


No one said the teenager had it coming either.

I’m not defending his actions either. I’m just not liking how he’s being lumped in with rapists. There’s a huge difference between someone saying inappropriate things and someone being raped!!


It’ll be interesting to see if anyone (you know, past bandmates, etc) comes to his defence… Not seen anything so far


Glad you’re here and glad u were at the old org
Even when we didnt see eye to eye


What was it he called you or on? Fan fiction!?!!



FBI is investigating now


F.B.I. Opens Inquiry Into Ryan Adams’s Explicit Communications With an Underage Fan https://nyti.ms/2EcAyTr?smid=nytcore-ios-share


There may have been a tiny bit of artistic licence in what I wrote, but it was no 50 Shades Of Gary


This sure takes some of the heat away from Liam Neeson, huh?


He didn’t just say inappropriate things. He also exposed himself to a minor.


Another clue to his level of assholery–he isn’t able to sustain relationships. At all. Think of all the people he’s worked with that he seems to have no lasting connection to. Gillian and David, ten bands of various types, Jason Isbell, Willie Nelson…

Willie was disgusted with him before they even finished the project, apparently. And I trust Willie’s judgement far more than Ryan’s.

But yeah. Anyone that has to re-up on friends every two years for two decades is irredeemable.


Yes, he’s awful and disgusting.

Still nothing close to rape.


I agree with this assessment.


What should we calling forcing a girls head into his crotch??? Consent???


Uh. I wish I could remember my twitter name.


Yikes, just read that story.

No, clearly not consent, but also not rape.

Also I have had more than one guy try that shit with me, have had guys put my hand on their dicks many times when I didn’t want it to be there and have seen plenty of penises I didn’t plan on seeing.

But I also know how to stand up for myself, how to say get the fuck off me and that I’ll put my hands on you if and when I want to!! MF!!!

I never, ever would say I’d been raped or abused because of that shit.

I think there’s a line between inappropriate, even nasty behavior and abuse.



I’ll give you a couple bucks for Waiting to Derail. Or write you a new slogan for your business.


Take a giant dump on it, balv. No proof needed.


And his new album canceled


I’m not getting rid of any of my music.