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Rod - never realized we’re the exact same. Cared since 17. I’m 41. Weird!


weird! and cool :slight_smile:
i like being in good company tom!


r/cats is not a shithole.


Hi UV!

Long time.


Hi Dougo! :wave: Yes, it’s been a while! Thought I’d drop in and say hi! :grin:


Hi UV :blossom::peace_symbol:


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@ultraviolet yay!!! Stay a while eh?

I have to leave for the weekend
When I get back I better still be here!



Gotcha :metal:
Have a great time! :beers:


Hi @ultraviolet!


Hi @Nebulance!
How is my favorite particle physicist doing?? :smile::wave:


Things are pretty good! Getting ready to move to Virginia!

How are you doing?? :smiley:


RA related things:

Turns out I’m still on the FB Superfan page; with John Mayer’s newest release, there’s all sorts of butthurt over how they are convinced RA influenced this record, if only because of the 80s sound (because no one else has ever thought to make an 80s sounding album – or you know, the actual 80s, which a lot of us & artists have grown up with). And of course the arbitrary and subjective judgements that Big Colors is better than JM’s Sob Rock.

The cult aspect of that group is greatly disturbing.


I’m not really a John Mayer fan. No particular reason. Just not interested. But, the album cover for his new album just screams 80’s. It might be a knock off of an actual album from the 80’s but I can’t place where.


There’s an interesting interview with JM and Zane Lowe on Apple Music where he talks about the concept behind the record, and that whole “might be a knock off, but somehow can’t place it” is at the core of the art direction, and music style.

I’m a big Mayer fan, I think it’s a really good album. Though I can see why people don’t like it or aren’t interested – I feel the same about hip-hop or rap; some people get a lot out of it, but it’s not for me.

I just felt compelled to sound off on the insanity of that FB RA page; I dare say I might be over the whole “RA is better than anyone in the world” sentiment (and the pissing contest/grandstanding of deciding whose albums “are better” than others)


Maybe I’ll check it out. I’ve just never been drawn to John Mayer’s music. But, in all honesty, I’ve never really listened to any of it. I’m just indifferent to it I guess. I could listen to some of it & discover I really like it. But, there are so many artists/bands that I’m a big fan of that I purposely don’t seek out too much new stuff as I’d find it hard to devote much time to it. My music collection is already overwhelming.

And I’m with you…RA sycophants are a joke. And a bad joke at that. But, I guess you could say the same about any artist’s/band’s fans I suppose. I still love RA’s music but I never viewed him as the be all, end all. There’s just been way too much great music that’s been made to argue over who or what’s better. Just be grateful it’s out there & fucking enjoy it. Why does the human race have to make every fucking thing into a debate or competition?


Sounds exiting! :grinning:
All good for me, thanks.
Still living in Japan and just hanging out. :sunglasses:

Anyway, thanks for all the hellos everyone! Seems like you guys have all been good.
Sorry for things going off topic, please go back to talking about RA.


@Jerry Yeah I get that with an overwhelming music collection, it’s hard to manage haha! I still have albums sitting around I haven’t gotten to.

Good point about fan groups; the Tom Petty page I follow is a bit off the rails, but not like the RA one. The Petty group seems like a bunch of people who love the shit out of Petty (as I do hah!) but there’s no “oh well, clearly Tom is the reason why artist X exists, but artist X is no Tom” crap.

I agree, I’m over the competition crap too. Maybe because they feel like their pride is on the line somehow? There’s probably some superiority complex BS running around in that discussion.

@ultraviolet Glad you’re well! Ah yes, I remember you are in Japan! Awesome! I was just there in the fall of 2019, I loved it so much! I was in Ibaraki (for work) for a few days, then took some vacation time in Tokyo and Kyoto. I really can’t wait to get back someday.


This insinuation is beyond bizarre. John Mayer is a household name, and approximately the same age as DRA and he built his career on his exceptionally good guitar playing, whereas Ryan has a rep for pretty much the exact opposite. It’s also disingenuous when one considers how incredibly derivative Ry-Ry’s entire catalogue has been. This is John Mayer we’re talking about, he has a custom Rolex with Mickey Mouse on it, he loves satire. If there’s something to get upset about, it’s that Ryan has an actual love of all things 1980’s cheese, where John Mayer is just being ironic. I’m sure John’s album is way better than Big Colors, Big Colors is UNLISTENABLE.

Frankly, I can’t think of one artist I would say that we owe Ryan Adams for. Reddit was asking the other day if Ryan Adams made Phoebe Bridgers famous. I would argue that the NYT article brought Ryan closer to household name status than he’d ever been before. The NYT made Ryan Adams infamous. Phoebe Bridgers was a merch girl for Noah Gundersen, it was just a matter of time.


Hey, UV!
Just so you know, we all support Mr. Adams and his attempt at a redemption arc. We all believe that Ryan was taken advantage of by these women.