Oh dear...


I mean, especially Courtney Love.


And no woman ever faked an orgasm with Ry-ry.


Where in Ibaraki? I lived in Mito way back in '99.


Yeah, I agree with pretty much everything you said here. I’ve gotten more into watching John Mayer’s interviews on youtube, and he’s incredibly smart about all things music. (Note: he also designed the new PRS Silver Sky electric guitar with PRS.)

I certainly picked up on the satire angle as well – and he certainly mentions it when interviewed about Sob Rock. He’s very aware of what he’s doing. Mayer even goes on to categorize Sob Rock as a shitpost, and then says, the irony is when friends will say, “hey, this is actually pretty awesome.” I agree. There’s a video out there explaining how he wrote New Light, and it’s basically a whole Prince vibe behind it, and it totally makes sense.

I like Big Colors. However, I can see why people don’t like it. And come to think of it, I haven’t put it on in a while. This is generally my statement when it comes to RA – “I haven’t put it on in a while”. Like a lot of you, to me it’s been a nosedive ever since Easy Tiger came out, but that’s a different discussion.


Ryan is teasing Black Hole again and has posted 3 tracks on instagram. He even has the album art and liner notes. I’m confused, though. Wasn’t Black Hole supposed to be part of that box set from like 2006 or something? Now he’s saying he recorded it when he knew he was getting a divorce. He’s also saying he has two Cardinals records that he wants to release.


This completely supports my Wednesdays is Heartbreaker Part II : Dirt about my Family theory. He’ll do anything to get our attention now, but just like anything, he’s really just trying to make us feel badly by throwing it in our faces.

P.S. I went to the subreddit to see if there were any more details on this and ended up watching those idiots defend John Lennon’s physical abuse record. Why do we have to live in this world with people like this?


I will gladly pay his hydro-therapist bills if that is what it takes to get two Cardinals records – bring forth “Turns It Up to Ten”, “Party Clown”, “Arkham Asylum”, “Trouble on Wheels”, “Don’t Get Sentimental On Me” (etc).

And couldn’t he just be put on some kind of idiot savant support or something?


He’s been teasing this kind of shit for so long that I’m pretty much numb to it. I’ll believe it when it’s actually released. I don’t even think a pre-order would make me believe this stuff is actually coming out. And how good can than this stuff really be? It can’t possibly live up to the 15 years of hype. It’s just been built up way too much for there not to be some sort of let down. Regardless, I’ll buy it just like I’ve bought all of his music since 1996.


i might give it a listen…MIGHT.

never buying his shit again.

and I barely skimmed through big colors. fucking dogshit


I think it’s $1,500 and a hypnotherapist.



Sent with love and humility.
I already got dropped by Capitol twice.
Maybe someone still cares

A haiku by a passive aggressive narcissist with no self awareness.


This is pathetic. Just revive Pax-Am & give it the good, old indie DIY try at this point. Even if it’s only a digital platform to start. He might actually have a golden opportunity to take control of his own career & release music when he wants. Yeah, he won’t have the big distribution machine of a major label. But, fuck it. We’re not far off from physical music media going the way of the dinosaur. Embrace the digital age & do what a lot of struggling, small time musical artists do. Self-release on digital platforms. Bandcamp is great!! Relaunch Pax-Am Digital. He has options. But, not the options he wants. Call it ego. Call it laziness. He’s been spoiled by a label doing all that pesky shit for him all these years.

Robert Pollard has his own label GBV Inc. & he’s been releasing all of his GBV, solo & other musical projects through his own label for about a decade now. He probably puts out about four albums a year. The indie business models are there for Mr. Adams if he’s willing to put in the work. But, somehow I doubt it.


I’m willing to bet that this is the first his sister has heard of the possibility that he might live in her basement.



He is Losering so hard right now. Poor guy. :frowning:


“Blackhole” has always been a big meh for me. I did not care for the tracks that originally appeared (“Tomorrowland” and “Disco Queen”) and this leaves me even more cold. “Blackhole” must be the most overhyped album in his catalogue, hands down. I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would pine for this more than, say, the Scott Litt sessions or the shelved Cardinals albums.


This is a pretty comprehensive article in regard to recent happenings. They did get the private apology and dropped investigation pieces wrong though. Like @Jerry opined, he’s only willing to help himself to a point. If he has to do much apart from showing up for tour dates or getting high in his personal studio, he’s not too interested. He’s always had this condescending attitude about how lucrative touring is, and during the divorce MM submitted he was making as much as $50k a month doing it, I’m sure he’s just looking to sell out shows again. He’s never going to condescend to a Patreon, no matter how desperate he’s pretending to be.