Oh dear...


Figures that he would find yet another dying profession to keep himself afloat.


Art? The prosecution calls “Chains of Love” to the stand.


Maybe I’m just overtly careful about my finances, but, what do we mean by “broke” here? Like, I have $20 in the bank broke, or, I have a few million laying around and can’t own a Tom Petty size mansion broke? Surely all this negative press couldn’t have sapped his net worth? (Wasn’t it somewhere around $20M or something? Maybe $40M?)

Not that any of us know the answer to this, just wanted to put it out there. (and to illuminate the warped reality as a result of having that kind of money in the first place)


Folks keep urging him to start a Patreon. Here’s a good example of an artist who is unable to tour due to medical issues and makes his living being supported by Patreon to press his records. He lives in a normal house.


Best thing I’ve read all day…

Your honor…we call invisible riverside as our witness

Fuck you @Dan33185 fuck you asshole!!!


Here’s my thing with this situation. Ryan has always been a drama queen. Only now it’s on a much larger scale. And from my perspective…he hasn’t been “canceled”. His new records are for sale on Amazon & all the online indie stores as well. I can’t speak for my local record store as I haven’t been there this year.

His stuff is still on all the major streaming/digital platforms (Itunes, Spotify, etc.). He can still communicate through all the social media apps out there (Facebook, Instagram). Although maybe he shouldn’t do that as he’s likely hurting himself more than actually helping his cause.

His videos are still up on Youtube. Anyone who wants Ryan Adams’ music can easily obtain it through any of these avenues. He sure as hell isn’t “Canceled”.

He needs to swallow some of that false pride. And maybe read the fucking room. He’s not the only musician struggling right now. Covid has hurt so many of them. And it’s going to be a while before many can get back on their feet. He’s still in a better position than most.


He’s a fussy little bitch, and now he’s an old one too. All signs point to him going to the grave without ever becoming a decent human being.


I disagree with this in a sense that the media he needs to promote him no longer does. Mainstream and public radio were huge for him. He was an “indie prince” and now he’s only mentioned in a way he doesn’t want to be. He has nearly 3/4 of a million Twitter followers, 77k on Instagram and a meager 4500 on FB. This is a huge decline in followers for him in less than 2 years. Now he’s left with a base that is reduced to people that will ignore all of his misgivings but probably wont buy the albums because they can be stolen.


What media promotion? A two or three paragraph album review that was likely never going to result in a casual reader/fan buying the record anyhow. Ryan Adams was never a huge star. Only in the deluded minds of himself & his sycophants. Truth be told…his career was already likely in decline before the NYT piece & Covid. But, rather than face that reality he can play the martyr & blame “unfair cancel culture”.


He was all over the airwaves. He got major pushes from public radio and indy/alt/homegrown country stations. You could ever hear a tune here and there on pop stations. THAT’S FUCKING HUGE. That’s where you sell albums and downloads.


But, when’s the last time he made an album that fit into any of those genres? Ashes & Fire ten years ago? I guess Wednesdays harkens back to alt. country roots. And I’m just going to state the obvious here. He released two albums in the first half of 2021. I don’t think that qualifies as “canceled”.


Tannenbaum wanted to spice up his interview with another Ryan Adams gotcha moment since he thought he had found another victim! The problem is that Liz Phair is not Mandy Moore or Phoebe Bridgers, she is not a millennial (she is 52) and certainly doesn’t see herself as a victim. She doesn’t call ‘abuse’ a guy hitting on a girl, or a guy being unreliable. She puts Tannenbaum at his place in a few direct sentences, ‘it’s gossip’, and closes the debate, forcing him to rapidly get to the next subject. I wish more young women would be like Liz Phair.


Fuckin’ ay!! I had a crush on Liz Phair back in 1994. But, I also had a crush on Juliana Hatfiled & Aimee Mann.


Talent? I don’t know! Have you listened to any of Phair’s albums post-1994’s Whip-Smart? They are bad. I’d say, Exile in Guyville aside, Liz Phair hasn’t released anything close to as good as either of Bridgers’ albums. Exile is great. But almost everything else is unlistenable.

Also, I don’t think Mandy Moore really needs to drag an artist who hasn’t produced a good album in a decade and a half through the mud to get her name out there. I think she’s doing ok with This is Us; it’s one of the highest rated shows on tv.


I agree with Dan33185 to a point here. Mandy Moore made a real point of bitching about her music career being put on hold during her marriage to Ryan Adams. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she was promoting an upcoming album not long afterwards.

And Phoebe Bridgers’ popularity did seem to increase pretty noticeably after that article. I’d be interested to know how much her albums sales & streams increased afterwards.

However, I think Phoebe Bridgers is pretty talented. Not groundbreaking talent. But, her music deserves to be acknowledged on it’s own merit.


A couple Bridgers tracks I’d like to submit as a rebuttal. They’re both duets.

Killer + The Sound w/ Noah Gunderson

Dylan Thomas w/ Conor Oberst (their entire album under the name Better Oblivion Community Center rules)


I think more to the point is why are you even comparing MM and PB to Liz Phair musically? Liz’s whole point here is that she is on a level with Ryan Adams. I would agree. Both are prolific and mediocre indie darlings. There’s a reason why neither one has attained any appreciable mainstream success.

There’s no reason to tear down the accomplishments of the other two. Mandy Moore was and remains an in demand talent. She has talked about what it was like to take jobs during her marriage. When she left to do Tangled, she basically intimated that her marriage went to total shit because she wasn’t 100% focused on Ryan. Imagine what work she turned down all those years, as she was very naively dedicated to making her marriage a success. She’s OBVIOUSLY a more talented vocalist than Ryan Adams, it’s not even up for debate. Whether you like the music she makes is seriously irrelevant to if she’s got better vocal talent, and let’s face it, Ryan is a better vocalist than he is a guitarist. He can’t stand against any of his contemporaries in that regard… but that’s the problem. Why on earth is it MM vs. RA instead of RA vs. his actual contemporaries?

Furthermore, if there was nothing worth hearing when people checked out Phoebe Bridgers, she would not have attained any success. Barrack Obama is a Phoebe Bridgers fan, for crying outloud. Is Karen Ellison a household name after the scandal? I would once again submit that the NYT article put Ryan closer to household name status than he’d ever been before. The door swings both ways.

Listen, if you want to do people dirty, that’s your prerogative, I guess, but no one owes it to you to keep THEIR LIFE EXPERIENCES a secret so you can save face from those choices. Don’t want people writing articles about you being a shitty person? Well gee, seems like a good way to get around that is to just not be a shitty person.


P.S. What the hell happened here?


Please explain the difference between confessional songwriting and responding to questions about your life experiences? How is a song like “Am I Safe,” or a tweet like “Sometimes you get attached to the spiritual equivalent of wet cardboard” more kosher than what she did after either one of those things happened? She toed that line for more years than we have any right to ask her to. She gave him the best years of her life and he sabotaged her career and cheated on her. She can say whatever the fuck she wants about it. She’s the victim here. Coming at her for not doing more than you expect from him is beyond sexist.


I am great, and I’m honoured you feel the same.