Oh dear...


Also her music career being on hold isn’t a bad thing for all in my opinion.


Stop being disingenuous. It’s about what you’re NOT saying.


I think @nick would have to figure that out.



I love that fucking song!!


Your name still shows saf for me.


You’re criticizing one party’s perceived sins while not commenting at all on the causation because it makes the other party look poorly. You’re making MM look like the bad guy but in fact, she’s the victim. Where are your criticisms of what Ryan did to make Mandy say what she said or do you wholesale just believe she made it all up and that’s why it’s not important?

Have you ever threatened to kill yourself to make someone do what you want? Have you ever forcibly shoved someone’s face into your crotch without their consent? Have you ever refused to work with someone because they’re not hot enough? How are these examples worse than answering a few interview questions about YOUR MARRIAGE in the press? But you’re bringing up that you don’t agree she should have said anything about this huge part of her life, that she should just keep quiet about it. By doing that with no contrast or concession or disclaimer that we’re talking about someone who could do all these things to these women, you’re basically saying that what she did is reprehensible enough to talk about, what he’s done isn’t and they’re not even in the same universe morally.


I can take the gentle rib.

I’m not pure, it’s true. But a “Yeah, I did that shit, sorry,” goes a long way and I don’t kid myself that anyone owes it to me to revise their version of the stuff I did or keep quiet about it for the rest of their lives. I sure don’t pay people to make sure that’s what happens.


Still says saf for me too.


It was only changed for about ten minutes. :slight_smile: I think someone was telling me to get off my high horse, which is fair. I just have a lot of FEELINGS, MAN.


Ryan Adams: "Yeah, I’m damaged goods"
It seems he sees himself as the victim here and has no intention of improving his attitude or behavior.


Um, I don’t know how that would happen. To my knowledge, I am the only one that can make changes like that and I would never do that.


Thanks dan! As if you don’t already know that I do take in a ton of Montana air, spend quality time w/ my kids and I take life just seriously enough…that’s never been my problem…

it’s just you. in any forum, board, site iteration you’re just condescending and smug and kind of a know-it-all and not in a good way. you’ve mistaken my impatience and lack of tolerance for rage…

how bout you take your own advice and breath some Montana air…maybe that’ll shut you the fuck up.


you clearly love the ryan cock. you clearly also are willing to turn a blind eye to suit your musical tastes…albeit they are good musical tastes…you can separate the man from the music…some (most folk here) cannot and don’t care to…


I just went through admin logs and it doesn’t show that your name was ever changed. Weird.


We’ve been hacked. @Dan33185 did it. Just kidding. It’s way more likely to be @jerry he loves it when I do this stuff.


I wish I was that fucking smart!!


To be clear, this isn’t a double standard for me. I’m not stanning for the Beatles or Bowie or Ted Nugent. Nothing gets better if we keep letting people do whatever they want the moment they get a modicum of power. As I said before, burn it all down. No one has come to Ryan Adams’s house and severed his vocal cords after taking his guitars. But he is not entitled to record distribution or promotion and he is the reason why he’s losing those things.


That’s the thing with ‘cancel’ culture. It ultimately refers to someone’s inability to get paid. That only happens when companies dump them.

If someone does stuff that is shitty enough, they pay the financial price for it. And remember, we’re really only talking about celebrities and public figures. If they turn out to be reprehensible pieces of shit, but have done nothing truly illegal, then sure, let the market decide. If there is enough ‘backlash’ they can get jobs again, or find a group of people that will hire them.

It’s weird that right wing types hate cancel culture, but at the same time are fond of the ‘let the market decide’ philosophy with regard to business.


John Lennon took the (I feel) extreme course of getting shot in the face to repent


“but they did it too” is never a good excuse.