Oh dear...





This is amazing. We’re on someone’s ride here. @nick set us up the Blowfish encryption! :blowfish::blowfish::blowfish:


No, sorry.

I’m just fucking with you, I just did this stupid joke in PhotoShop. I’m a pathetic person.

It’s kind of like a parody thread.


sad trombone

(But not really, I don’t want to have to change my password.)


Do you think it would be OK for me to refer to Nick as Hootie? I won’t ask him to Hold My Hand or anything.




sad trombone is less annoying than enthusiastic trombone


But more annoying than rusty trombone.


Yeah, Rusty’s a standup guy in my experience


I’ve always had a preference for Swordfishtrombones.



What the actual fuck is happening here?


I think Monkey just came up with the new name for the board!!


Did you get hacked?? That seems odd. Maybe time to change the ol’ password again?


Nah, I can’t change my username, once it’s set, it’s set. It was only like that for like ten minutes though. I had just assumed it was Nick, but it wasn’t, so maybe it was just a weird server thing? Not sure…


I must say it did…


Bravo friend, bravo.


I will say this…back in the day I would have bought the “Dear Chicago” and\or “Sylvia Plath” shirts he’s flogging.


Same here. These days, all you can wear them for is an incel convention.


He seems to have a small following of reporters doing his bidding.


So he’s gained 40 pounds and is a cat lady now. That seems about right.