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go for it. i’m ready for your hot take dan. i’ll spare you my own.


So you didn’t write the article?


(His ex-wife has had no further comment, and recently complained that an unnamed publication canceled a career-spanning interview because she refused to speak about Adams.)

That should shut up the people that insist Moore told her story for publicity and attention.


If only


Ask anyone who lives or has lived in LA–Los Angeles Magazine is an old money garbage fest. By old money, I mean by LA standards–your grand parents earned it in entertainment, and neither you nor your parents had the creative gumption to enter the industry, instead going into things like orthopedics or accounting.

It’s for sun-worshipping ‘better than thou’ types, who care more about having a personal trainer than any form of media. They’re the type of person who, when asked about their favorite book, will name something they had to read in freshman English 101 at UCSB.

Most articles are only read until the dump is over.


Maybe Ryan is on meds and they are causing puffy face/weight gain. Otherwise, that’s a lot of pizza.


At least the mystery is cleared up why Phoebe had to fake it every time:

“Here’s a song about a full-grown adult man who never goes down on anyone," Bridgers declared during a 2018 performance at the Higher Ground nightclub in South Burlington, Vermont.


And wine…


Nice counterpart.


Booze bloat


I was annoyed to find that he is still playing the victim in all this shit. He has a shirt for sale that says “you can’t cancel a dream” and in one of his livestreams he said he was sponsored by the me too movement. How hard is he really trying with barbs like that?

Admittedly, I listened to hear him sing “Friends.” I liked that song a lot when it was “For Beth.”


Agreed. The LA Magazine article is annoying all over. Two paragraphs dedicated to undermining Phoebe Bridgers’s claim that he called her to his hotel room naked by claiming that he “rarely” stays in hotel rooms, that he’s too self-conscious to be naked, and that maybe it can be explained by his Meniere’s disease. The basic line of argument here being, “I wasn’t there. Okay, I was there, but I didn’t do it. Okay, I did it, but it’s because of my inner ear disease.” What bullshit. “Yes, your honor, I shoved her head in my lap, but it was only to keep the room from spinning.” This is as stupid as Dan’s posts.


this sums it up for me right here…

It is truly wild to see a man who abused numerous women attempt to victimize himself so boldly, and to claim abuse himself just because there are consequences for his actions. The most ridiculous part is that Ryan Adams is still making music, it’s just not selling and he has to put it out himself — like the women who he abused had to at the start of their careers after he broke his promises to help them when he didn’t get sexual and romantic attention in return. In a year that’s seen the release of a Woody Allen film, Louis C.K. return to the stage and Bill Cosby released from prison, the idea of the rebirth of the abuser is a touchy subject. But Adams doesn’t seem to want to consider himself in that broader picture and digest his place in the abuser narrative; he just wants us to buy coffee table books of his career and dig his new music. The goal of the #MeToo movement was to use consequences to deter abusers from such harmful behavior; Adams had to learn the hard way.


Read the Ryan Adams Superfans Facebook page this morning… Here is a good synapses. Enabling shit show


Seems to fit the profile, sadly. I guess he has stepped on a lot of people. Earlier I thought it was just chaotic behavior in general, but nowadays it seems to fit into a pattern of climbing the ladder of success fairly steadily – in the last decade it was just raised higher to the LA/mainstream music scene.


That’s right. Fresh meat!


Yeah, that place is fully of creeps. Like Ryan Adams.


As a former Angelino, I can say that this is the stupidest fucking statement ever. It’s a choose your own adventure state. You get out of it what you put in–not like some shithole fly-over state full of libertarian racists. The American experiment actually exists there and works.


True. I visit every year.

A shot of my Mom’s cesspool

Another angle of the horror


A far cry from the Pioneer Chicken Stand on Alvarado street Warren Zevon painted in my mind. :thinking: