Oh dear...


Rod, don’t shred those or break them.
If you want to get rid of them you can send any to me. And if you want them back one day I will send them back, no questions asked.


This is what I’ve been waiting for. Hopefully we will see updates regarding the investigation.


I stand by my offer regarding the book.




The punches keep coming


oh my god. that letter alone from carrie’s sister fucking ruins so many songs for me. i feel like “Tomorrow” — a song that has been very meaningful to me over the years — is complete bullshit now. a song that meant so much to me is 100% bullshit. slightly crushed.


Fucker! I am with Cannonball, this kills one of my favorite songs of his. This song has been playing in the back of my head since Monday


this is pretty horrifying. sorry you had to experience that shit. i’m getting tired of apologizing for all men out there over the last couple years, but this shit is never-ending. there really are so many fucking asshole monsters out there. predators. lord knows i ain’t perfect, but i was raised to know right from wrong, and the difference between being a gentlemen and a complete dirtbag.

i dunno… i think our society is going to shit. hearing ALL of this stuff is just so goddamn disappointing.


Our society isn’t going to shit because this type of shit has been happening forever. Calling that shit out is what makes me think society is actually at a better place right now. I think kids are actually better than we give them credit for. I’ve even heard that children are the future. Seriously, I place a lot of Hope in kids. Kids are more politically involved, devote more time and philanthropic than ever.


“Teach them well and let them lead the way. “


you’re probably right. this has probably always been the norm and everyone has just been too afraid to admit it and speak up. the fact that women are now speaking out and some of these assholes are at least experiencing some consequences means society is progressing. it’s logical, but it’s difficult to believe based on everything we digest from our surroundings these days.


OMG. I’m so blind. Didn’t have my glasses on and first read “touch them well…”

Good Lord.


having to hurry and scurry to my car cause it’s dark out

If I remember right, you live in the middle of MT, right? This is life for basically both males and females in a bigger city (Minneapolis for example), including me.





It’s weird that the sole reason we all “know” each other is a gigantic piece of shit.


And like I said we’ve been inspired by his rhetoric for nearly two decades and continued to bankroll it so we’re turds too.

Oh wait. Maybe we’re just humans made by a cruel creator that rewards this stuff with a pleasure drive.


We know each other because we love live music, walls of sound, the evolution of bit torrent, jams, and community. We went on a wonderful ride with a story teller and powerful musician. Ryan Adams made great music, and we don’t need to own or feel less due to his dysfunctional lifestyle and behavior. We did not know. I am very happy LB and others were a part of my music experience and growth, and he can’t diminish that. I loved the Cardinals and those shows will always be amazing to me. And yes he will be a douchebag for eternity.


My Fucking email handle is from that song
Million miles of nothing it’s like you’re driving on the moon


Can’t say I’ve walked in the dark and been scared