Oh dear...


Oh, the humanity. It is soul-crushing to see fellow human beings struggling under such conditions.


yowch. what kind of cream will get that rash out from all the cesspool exposure?

dan, I kindly asked you to fuck off. i see you mingling w/ your kindred spirits on reddit…why not stay there where you can lift up the likes of ryan and piss on isbell over there? why not?


I lived not all that far from there. Had to eat there, just because of the song.


Beck’s “Debra” led me to eat at Zankou Chicken. It was wonderful.


Zankou is fabulous stuff. I drag people there by motioning that Beck name dropped it, because I don’t think they would otherwise go out of their way for shawarma. Their white crushed garlic sauce is like crack.


Kind of want to go to London so I can check out the Beef Chow Mein at Lee Ho Fooks.




Ah OOO Yeah!


Think that place closed 12 or 13 years ago


and his hair was perfect!


You’re describing Seattle other than the smog.


Or Portland, if the smog is from bums smoking weed in the park.


Well fuck why didn’t you say Oakland? That’s not even fair.


Sounds like you hate cities. Any city worth being in smells like a mixture of piss, gasoline, and grilled meat.


I always enjoy visits to Chicago.


chicago is my absolute favorite city.

san fran is a close second.

euro big cities…i fucking love Brussels, Glasgow and Milan


I live in Chicago and love it. I grew up in Berlin, which has its charms.


Toronto is another big city that I enjoyed when I visited.

My best friend lived in Orange County while he was doing his internship for med school. His backyard looked very similar to Inky’s mom’s.


I’m sure you meant Edinburgh not Glasgow…


no way buddy. glasgow is hands down one of my favorite cities I’ve ever been to. i love the people and the surrounding area and it’s just architecturally better than MOST cities I’ve ever been to…and I’ve been to a lot