Oh dear...


OK, did you go to Edinburgh?


Of course!!!


Then I respect your opinion :kissing_heart:




Lol that gospel album was worth a spin or two


Waves is back! And wrong! :wink:


I got it free from the library and listened a couple times when it first came out. Made me laugh


Ryan must have been busy last night or Kanye would have brought him out.



It has been confirmed that Ryan no longer fits through his front door.


Is that due to the size of his head or his arse?


You be the judge:


I think you mean “Ye.”


Is PAX-AM a Spirit Halloween yet?



He went straight from being me-too’d to me-three’d


Vintage waves right here.


He’s losing it again. Since the post might disappear, it’s copied below.


FYI : I’m playing cause I would be anyway. It’s what I do. Nobody is asking you watch. It’s your choice. You don’t like it? Plenty of bad music for you to be a patron of.
The meds I was on to manage my pain weren’t working for me. So I will manage my #méinèresdisease pain in whatever way I choose. It’s ACTUAL motion sickness. It’s actual pain. If you do like it you can go make fun of people living with lifelong generic disorders. Plenty to choose from.
Unlike a lot of songwriting poseurs I’ve been doing this my whole life from nothing. Im not Jackson Beige. I didn’t write these stories from books I read on a beach. I didn’t hire someone to write my songs for me or make someone finish them while I was shopping. They matter to me and a lot of other people too. I’m sure that’s hard for a lot of people who think they rule the universe from their Twitter. You don’t.
These songs and fans matter to me. You can’t delete my mark in music. You won’t. You cannot delete my fans of how the records helped when they lost their father to cancer or walked down the aisle to one of my songs. This is our place. We don’t need you anymore. You can come between us. You won’t.
SO CMON you trolls…shoot your shot - it’s moderated now. Talk shit and you’re gone for good - your ip is gone.
You don’t have the power to ruin this for me or the fans anymore.
Mess with us we erase you. Eye for an eye. Cancel us - We cancel you.
No more bullshit.
Your war against art is over. You lost.
Step aside.
LIH Merch drop in store. Live is always free.
Can’t stop won’t stop.
Love is Hell rehearsal run -thru is archived in the TV archive.( it’s the middle icon at the top of the grid page )
See you tomorrow or soon.
Love you cats.
#ryanadams #paxam #loveishell #cancelcancelculture


“I’m done not saying sorry.”



I was done with the asshole when he blocked me from Twitter the first time. That was back in the altcountry.org days, when I first got on Twitter. I had never said anything negative about him on the site, but he must have recognized my screen name from his time spent there.

I thought it was funny, and never stuck up for him again online. I don’t avoid his music or anything, but I’m not even mildly interested in anything he releases, says or does.


The irony here is that he’s been waging a war against art since 2005.