Oh dear...


Honey, no one knows who you are. Or are you talking about when Bono and the babe from the Corrs covered that Tim McGraw song?

Listen Jack, how do you open VPN?


And if they do, it’s because they remember the NY Times story about some alternative rock creep.


Dude is transforming into Van Morrison but like 20 years early. When can we expect the anti-lockdown triple album? And wow he’s selling an old pic of himself in a batman shirt on another shirt with a generic Love is Hell caption lmao


I know I said I would have bought one of the lyric shirts back in the day, but his shirts have gotten progressively worse. Those Gold anniversary shirts are hilariously bad.


You are a humorless dolt.


Dan is right. Let’s give Ryan some credit, the FBI clearly knows who he is


i think dan is gone for good?


Something I said?





I give up trying to make this work directly. Fuck the internet, very ruffly


I just farted in your thread.


I saw him online last night (?) my time.
There was someone online with the letter “D” as their avatar so I clicked on it and it was Dan.
I guess he was here deleting his posts.
He didn’t delete his account (yet), he’s still here.


Eh, I’m not actually happy to Dan see leave, and I’m a little bummed he deleted his posts. Regardless of how much I disagree with Dan, it’s still kind of nice to hear what the type of person that still enjoys Ryan Adams thinks. I know people have problems with Dan (I never agreed with him either), but I’m not one to want someone gone just because they have dissenting opinions. I never want this place to become an echo chamber due to people leaving because they were chided for their opinions. Keep in mind, I had no problem with Meade being here as long as he didn’t post racist or homophobic nonsense…that was even after he insulted my late wife. Also, my opinion about Dan’s departure would be totally different had the FBI’s investigation of Ryan found something and Dan was still in his corner. I would have wanted him gone too. Admittedly, if Dan was a problem on past sites, I wasn’t aware of it…or it was before my time. Dan might have been a humorless Ryan Adams stalwart, but he was innocent enough.

I’m not blaming anyone for Dan’s departure.


Right, 2016 to 2021 is a long time. I didn’t even register that he was outstandingly controversial, I thought he just didn’t post much.

Side note: Definitely miss Monkey. It’s not the same without him at all.


Yeah, Dan’s not a dick.


Agreed. I miss Monkey.


A lot of us, myself included, are dicks. But to my knowledge, Dan never crossed any lines that would make me consider banning him. It’s a shame that he felt that he needed to go. I really appreciated hearing his thoughts despite our differences. I very rarely agreed with Dan, but the opinions of people like Dan’s are important to me. I hate to think he might have felt that he was being pushed out. Ideally, Dan felt it wasn’t worth his time being the last remaining Ryan Adam’s fan. It’s a losing battle exacerbated by the fact that the guy hasn’t released anything worth listening to since before my oldest was born 9 years ago. At this point he’s defending a musician that has spent more time being awful than great. This sounds super passive aggressive, but I truly think that explains the chasm. Dan could wring something positive out of the last 11 years; most of us couldn’t. For me it has been easier to break from Ryan Adams because he hasn’t done anything of note since III\IV…and nothing before that since 29. I would be way more conflicted if he was still good. I’m not conflicted because he sucks now.

I am sure Dan will find solace in the toxic Ryan Adams subreddits that only see things as legal\illegal. But it kind of sucks if he bounced simply because he didn’t hate a guy as much as we do.

That said; his Isbell hatred was the most save-a-ho thing to ever happen here.


I still listen a lot to Ryan’s music (kill me, I like Wednesdays and “Red & Orange Special”) but I have no problem with others bashing the shit out of him (he has had that coming for a long, long time) or questioning why anyone would listen to his music nowadays. I guess I like it when the gloves are off and punches are thrown with a combination of crudeness, finesse and accuracy.


My theory was that Bob Dylan was a bridge too far. We bitch about DRA here all the time, I think he just wasn’t up for a sequel of “tried by court of public opinion” for the one guy he really, REALLY cared about.