Oh dear...


You just encapsulated exactly what I found charming about “Dancing with the Women at the Bar” so many years ago.


Hell, Bob Dylan is a bridge too far for me. As for Dan, I wish him success at the Mandy Moore forums he’ll troll next.


he has been the smuggest know-it-all I’ve come across on all the boards. not sure why or how I let him get to me but he’s never been anything but a smug dick.
i wish I had the abilities of a Brian Doyle and win him over w/ wit and love and kindness but that is never gonna happen.


I guess it’s a case of “the less I know” but he’s never bugged me because I don’t really care about Ryan anymore. Even the other dude I bitched at recently I don’t have any hard feelings. There aren’t enough of us music lovers here to want anyone gone.


Dan was a troll. That’s all. He bitched at us for taking the internet too seriously and then quit because he took the internet too seriously. I just hope for his sake that he’s more interesting in person.


I sometimes write stupid shit on here that I cringe at the next day when I’m less under the influence.

I’d be more apt to ban myself than anyone else.


Same here dougo, same here


I had to pull my ass off FB and Twitter for fear of my own idiocy.


I came off those too, but that was more the other idiots to be truthful.


It started there but began to affect my attitude so I was becoming the problem.




Just seems odd to me to close your account. Just stop coming by if you’re done with us. What’s the harm in leaving your account there if you might want to come back in a few months.

Be like cannonball.

Come back hot and heavy every two years, set up a retro cd swap themed mix, never make a mix and show up again two years later and reactivate the thread. :slight_smile:


PS if anyone else leaves I’m going to go off.


That’s it. @thebalvenie, pack my bags. I’m out of here.


Just kidding.


To be fair, Dan only deleted his posts. His account is still intact.


I’m thinking about deleting my account because I am considering running for office. My exploratory committee suggests that it would behoove me not to be associated with someone that could record “Gimme Something Good” and “Invisible Riverside.”


If you use big words like “behoove,” you’re never going to get elected where you live. Unless it’s “I need to put a horseshoe on its behoove.”


Don’t forget chains of love


Go off, eh!?!??