Oh dear...


I laughed out loud at that. :laughing:


I approve of this reference.


Jesus H. Christ. Did you know that people think Bret Easton Ellis is “the thinking man’s Chuck Palahnuik?” Chuck Palahnuik can’t write for shit. I can’t believe so many people equate them. :thinking:


They’re both twisted little men with the volatile combination of being physically unimposing untrained intellectuals with hate fueled fantasies. Hence their popularity.


I just have to wonder how many people have actually read more than one thing by these two authors.

To me the big difference is that I’m still revisiting Ellis’s novels annually, I haven’t been able to slog back through any of Palahnuiks since I was 21… they’re just too stupid.


I have a bias here, my husband refuses to read Ellis based on what he thinks he writes, but has read Palahnuik here and there and my opinions are heavily influenced by the fact that I read all of the early novels next to the much warmer early novels by his friend McInerney.


McInerney seems more human, less of an incel cokehead.


I never hear of Chuck Palahnuik.


First rule of Chuck Palahnuik that.


I don’t know this. Why do you know this?


I was looking for discussion on The Rules of Attraction because I’m rereading it.


Wonder if Chuck was working through being in the closet when writing Fight Club…I didn’t realize he was gay until the Joe Rogan interview (I know how I sound right now) a few years ago.


I would get so much joy if Ryan’s management accidentally pulled a Giuliani and Ryan is actually playing the Carnegie Deli.


My kid got to play Carnegie Hall. NBD.


I would like it if Ryan got so excited being back in business that he started to dish out an archive series, starting with Saturday Night Fever-blister, the JCN sessions and the other shelved 2005–2008 stuff. https://archive.org/details/cd_jacksonville-city-nights-b-sides_ryan-adams
Then I could finally move on from my pathological Ryan & the Cardinals obsession. There is a life to be lived.


We’ve reached the point when “face melting” refers to the hair dye situation.


@bakamomo Do YOU know? The gossips want to know.


Nope, someone claimed that she is a writer with an agenda researching an article or something.


Did you read the whole tweet?

Is the attention span that short these days…?


If thinking he’s an ass based on his repeated patterns of behavior is ‘an agenda’ then yes, I have one. And his asshole behavior goes well beyond the icky dating and underage stuff, he’s been a useless dick to his bandmates since he was in Whiskeytown.

His consistently dangling his ‘Blackhole’ release whenever he needs attention was enough for me to walk away from him as an ‘artist’. Well, that and his almost two decades of particularly aggressive mediocrity.