Oh dear...


Purchasing Internet Retorts for Dummies really paid off. Keep it up!




You sound like my first wife.


I have always felt an attraction between us, like two lost ships passing each other on a starry ocean


If I had the stars from the darkest night
Or the diamonds from the deepest ocean
I’d forsake them all for your sweet kiss
For that’s all I’m wishin to be ownin




Aw, shucks.


Okay, just to be clear, that’s not supposed to be symbolic for any sort of weird sex act.


Is that what they refer to as “bumpin’ uglies”?


Hard to tell, Jerry. All I see is that Mutineer posted a gif of a big muscle boat violently ramming its rear into another unsuspecting boat. I do not understand where the symbolism that Mutineer talks about comes into the picture.
EDIT: He might be trying to communicate something about virility and dominance.




What in the holy hell is this paragraph at the end?

"It’s not even the first free album Adams has put out this year – back in September he gave away his 22nd studio album Devolver via his website. It’s part of a particularly prolific year for the songwriter that has also seen the release of albums FM, Chris and Romeo & Juliet. And the latter two were double albums. "


Seriously though. Fuck that guy.


He’s prolific when it comes to throwaways.


i knew you were into “docking”


FUCK ALL THE GUYS! am i right?


Fuck 'em and feed 'em fruit loops, I’d say.


Yeah, so about meeting in the bathroom.