Oh dear...


I hear he’s doing a Charlie Brown Christmas next.


Just what the world needs, more cover songs. He doesn’t have the energy to knock them off anymore.


From IG today. Dude asked “will we get posts on the new cardinals album next??”. Answer was: “no spoiler. You’ll all know at the same time”. No clue if it is archive or new stuff.
EDIT: I would likely prefer an album from the vaults.


Apparently the FLAC version of Nebraska now available to buy on Qobuz sounds better than the MP3 files from PaxAm (sound-wise). Perhaps he is using a sub par MP3 encoder for these releases.


In all fairness though, if you’re going to use a subpar MP3 encoder for anything, it would be for a Nebraska cover album.


That’s like telling me fresh racoon shit tastes better than dry racoon shit.


Just mentioned it if someone wanted to polish the old animal spillings.


I listened to Nebraska once, and that was about it. I haven’t bothered with Blood on the Tracks…

I think these could be generally cool, but if he keeps drowning everything in reverb, I don’t wanna hear it – and that especially goes for Cardinals stuff if they somehow get/got back together. At this point, I figure he’s stuck in the 80s and never coming out again.


He’s stuck up his own asshole.


Must be cavernous to produce that much reverb.


Pretty much agree. But the album improves some with better stereo separation and less muddy bass. Could also add that I do think both Nebraska and Blood … get better towards the end (I see potential jokes coming here). Not worried about the Cardinals sound – actually both “Shelter from the Storm” and “Buckets of Rain” are cut in a semi-Cards noodling style (“Shelter …” even enters “Trouble on Wheels” territory from about 6.00 and onwards).

For the record, I think this is how you do a proper lo-fi cover of “Nebraska”, hymn style and warts and all.


I think I mentioned it a while ago, I “fear” I might be over the Cardinals. I didn’t think that day would come, but those albums and shows are somewhat surprisingly stuck in 2005–2007 for me. I rarely put those albums/shows on anymore – definitely not the shows. Over the years, I basically stopped listening to live shows, not really sure why. I suppose my musical tastes have shifted, listening to a lot more ambient, IDM, experimental stuff, but that alt-country sound is always a favorite; somewhat in that direction, where it used to be RA, my default now for the past 5–7 years has been Tom Petty. So maybe it’s Petty that’s caused the shift.


Holy shit, Ryan’s Blood on the Tracks is fucking awful. He mailed in the vocals.


I couldn’t get through part of one song.


I haven’t listened to any of these recent cover albums.




promises, promises.

some day you’ll deliver on this…i know you will!


some maniac on FB Superfans said that Devolver is a brilliant album.



lots of maniacs on there. can’t say i’m surprised.



Stop making music DRA