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Sorry @saf , the power of the dark side is just too strong for me.


I begrudge you nothing. You make my day most days.


Is this for real? I see RA post stuff on Instagram, which I basically always take with a huge grain of salt most of the time (hey, there’s no reason to not release Blackhole literally whenever – there is no “right time”. Just put it out already. It’s dumb. Then again, it’s probably the same middle-of-the-road, probably not worth it to hear anyhow). But I didn’t see him post anything about this. And who’s in the band? I suppose Brad, based on him appearing at one of the solo shows? That strikes me as surprising given the general tone from Brad and Jon Graboff during a Neal Casal remembrance interview.

Here’s the interview, very interesting and cool (my friend Lara did the intro voiceover!):


I heard that all of Steve Earle’s band quit, so Brad might be available.


i don’t want to listen to it

can you give me a synopsis?


oh you’re missing out!

it’s mostly about their time with Neal, particularly with the Cardinals, and how incredibly talented he was; mentioning how big the band had gotten especially with Neal in the group, and perhaps hinting how RA couldn’t handle it (the pressure of how big the band was). There was also some damning behavior from RA basically harassing Brad into playing and going on trips to Europe for shows the day after Brad’s wedding. Like, WTF? And similar shitty behavior towards Jon. (This is why it seems rather surprising to me that Brad came out on stage with RA this past year, let alone some kind of Cardinals reunion. RA sank that ship from what I can tell, and at this point, I can’t see how he could save it. Of course I wasn’t there, but it’s hard to argue against these first-hand accounts from people in the band.)

If I remember correctly, Brad & Jon had an anecdote about when Neal found out the band was breaking up: he goes over to sit next to RA (this I think was in the airport in Australia), and Neal says something like “I get it how bands break up because a guy sleeps with his friend’s girlfriend or something like that, but this doesn’t make any sense”. Neal was really bummed about the end of the Cardinals.

And of course really nice stories about Neal with his camera capturing really cool moments (like the thumbnail of the video).

In watching this when it came out, and thinking back to how I loved that band, and of course the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, it kind of hit me (again, but more clearly lets say) that perhaps why I loved those bands so much was because of Neal. I’ve probably said it before, but so much of his style of guitar playing has totally shown up in my own style, and I’ve always loved his songwriting.


Okay, I know no one is probably here for this content, but I just had a brainwave.

I saw an ad for Yoga where the lady did a back bend and it was…. Not as good as Ryan Adams. Look, I know this fool occasionally jogs. But I have never seen any evidence that he is an accomplished yogi. While I can’t find a back bend dating back to the 90’s what I DO see is that he sits with his legs crossed almost always. Me too, buddy, it landed me in PT, but here’s the why…. It has to do with blood pooling in your legs, this is basically like wearing compression hose.

I’ll eat my hat if he doesn’t have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which shares a co-morbidity with Dysautonomia .

Vertigo isn’t a diagnosis, it’s a symptom. He’s been misdiagnosed because up until COVID everyone thought dysautonomia was a made up ladies mental disorder on a level with fibromyalgia. My current working theory is that everyone has a bit of dysautonomia, it’s just a fancy word for your body being out of balance. I wonder which disorder he has….

@WillieCash This content is for you, but sorry about the DRA, ahahaha.


Wow! I can’t believe you remembered my wife has EDS3.

Last November we got an update to her genetics report which informed us they found 6 other people with the same genetic variant so that looks to be the cause of her issues (connective tissue issues be part of it). The geneticist says to keep telling doctors she has EDS3 because that is what is going on functionally and she does have it via the clinical diagnosis. So it is largely a distinction without a difference for 95% of her treatment.

The problem seems to be with the same gene as leukemia so there may be some hope for using a leukemia drug which has something to do with a protein process. So, like, not leukemia the cancer, but a symptom of leukemia. It’s all weird and scary as we are stating to consult with genetic oncologists but hopefully there is something to try which is not worse than the symptoms.

I would not be surprised if DRA has some sort of connective tissue disorder based on what you said. Hypermobility presents in so many funky ways from just being able to bend your fingers further to your cardiovascular system dissolving. It can definitely cause issues with hearing.

Autonomic dysfunction is probably much more common than we think. Like I think you are implying, people are just starting to pay more attention to it because long haul covid folks have it. I probably already said this at some point, but my wife was in a group for dysautonomia it on Facebook which had just a couple thousand members for years. Then covid hit and it doubled, tripled, and maybe quadrupled. Sucks for all those new cases but part of me is happy that more research will be done.


I think he binged on yoga when he was trying to land MM.

Mark Linkous passed out with his legs pinned underneath him. When his legs were straightened out his heart stopped for a bit. Not sure this applies. Just reminded me. He wrote a beautiful song about it.


Found an old Gold era promo shot on the hard drive that might fit into this somehow.


Apparently some news regarding the Cardinals coming tomorrow?


Honestly, I’m very curious. I’m still generally shocked at the idea Brad being involved with him again; but who else would come back? I’m still weirdly protective of that signature Cardinals sound circa 2006–2007; they were on a whole different level, and even those in the Dead community recognized how good they were. But without Brad, Jon Graboff, Neal Casal, etc, I’m not sure this is interesting anymore.

That terrible band he put together, The Shining (what an awful name) honestly trashed the Cold Roses songs. What an aggressively average band that was. I’m at the point where I don’t really think I want “The Cardinals” back – the age they came along, when “alternative country” was much bigger than it is now (if it even exists anymore), it’s gone – it’s over. (I’m the kind of guy who does not want a reboot of The Office, Friends, Seinfeld, whatever – it was amazing, and it’s OK that it’s over.)

Anyway, rant over. I can report back tomorrow with my (eventual, and perhaps likely) disappointment.


“Anyway, rant over. I can report back tomorrow with my (eventual, and perhaps likely) disappointment.”

But you don’t have to if you don’t want to.


Think the song is Foggy era. Recognize the chorus, “Mercy, I need love”.

Allegedly, the Cardinals will play Red Rocks.

And The Shining was Weezer (not a compliment).


chris stills played on whiskeytown, right? like either on a song or two or a session? or was that chris laney I’m thinking about?


Tour is coming to Indy.
I might be there.


Stills played on 48 Hrs so that is a plus… Was a pretty bland opener for Ryan in 2011, though.


some tix are going near 300 per person



The venue in Indy looks like GA Lawn.
I definitely will not be spending a lot on this.