Oh dear...


We all know how this will end too. Once he is found guilty he’ll play the… I was super high card , I don’t remember what I said or what I was doing I’m.

There will be more… cant wait to hear from Kat or Norah Jones. It’s sad.


He was dropped by some guitar companies.


Or Taylor Swift. You know she’s not having any of this shit.


I’m waiting to hear from Jenny Lewis. I doubt she’d take any shit and so I doubt he’d try that kind of thing with her.



So, that is a very strong non statement.


It’s a little weird that people are going at folks in his peripheral expecting some sort of accountability. I’m sure most of them just wanted the fuck away from him eventually.


I wonder what Elton would have to say about their time together? Or did it spin the other way?

Or Emmylou?

I’m past the point of giving a shit.

I’ve known he’s an asshole for more than 10 years. When he blocked me from following him on twitter - evidently because he recognized my screen name from the. .org or something - effectively telling me he didn’t want me as a fan. My thought was why would I want to be?

He’s just an immature, stoner asshole. But I realized his quality of musical product took a big dive about that time too.

I also realize he has a lot of personal problems, addictions and demons of his own that he grapples with on a semi-regular basis. But these allegations make me less likely to feel empathetic to his struggles, for sure.


I guess there are things more unforgivable than the toilet-dive his music took about or after Easy Tiger.


He blocked me on twitter as well as his first instagram for minor joking comments; nothing too trolly. At that point I figured I’d just continue watching him for the same reason you’d watch a train wreck unfold


I think a bunch of us from the .org got blocked. I assumed it was because of that group Renee started.
Seemed like all the group members were blocked.
That was really weird. As if he was afraid of us or something.



I listen to a public radio music station here in the Metroplex and Ryan always seemed like a go to for them. They probably played him 8 times a day on the regular. THe last 3 days of listen has had n one of his music on the airwaves.


I haven’t paid much attention if his music was pulled from satellite stations. I will pay attention if his music is missing from there too.


really great article actually. i like the insight


My guess is that the ‘Virginia Programmer’ is from WNRN, which is the Charlottesville station that Dave Matthews money helped to found. Listener supported radio, possibly the best in the state. But that’s not saying much.

My town has a small listener supported station and it’s awesome.


Wasn’t there some big tour with a “great band” in the works?

Maybe he’ll have the warm up slot for a Was Not Was comeback tour.




I think she’s the one who really blew the lid off this thing. I read an interview with her a few weeks back. Definitely didn’t doubt it. So glad her record and tour with Conor Oberst is doing so well.