Oh dear...


No surprise there.

I’m sure the others are doing it for the work and not their love of Ryan.

Maybe it’ll be great. Who knows.


But apparently, it’s worse to work for Steve Earle, because Brad quit that job and is now working with Ryan. It’s a good thing I don’t have to like these people to enjoy their music.


Rod, if you fly to Louisville I’ll buy your ticket.


No thanks. I’d rather hear bus tires screeching before plowing over my mom.


Not familiar with the backstory to Earle disbanding his band. But he has reached a certain age and the death of his son might figure in somehow.


I can’t say I’m surprised by the announcement being a tour; I saw the prices – yikes. And nowhere near MD/DC area, so I’m out certainly – that’s two strikes, price + distance :joy: (and my clear willingness to bash in an uncontrolled way)

Don Was and Brad is certainly cool – it’ll be interesting to hear, but not really holding my breath for something incredible. It’s hard to separate what that band was to what they’re likely to sound like here – hopefully someone notices the reverb knob is cranked to 11 and turns it down? We’ll see I guess :joy:

But yeah – if it’s just over-the-top heavy/80s-uped versions of every song, I think that kills the whole essence of what made that band so good; the nuance and ability to play quiet and build into something loud/massive. Perhaps the presence of Was and Stills steers this back to something familiar?

Anecdotes from the Superfans/stalker pages (my hot takes on the blind worshipping):

  • [regarding why no Graboff]: “Oh, he’s (RA) getting away from the country Cardinals.” Really – you mean the 50+% of the band’s catalogue, just gonna punt on that?
  • [regarding Graboff as a person]: “I heard he’s a dick. Looks like one.” Sure – if you treat people like an ass, be ready to be treated like an ass.

@ultraviolet I appreciate the detail on emailing Neal! I’m sure he was crushed over it, that’s the impression I got. Still cool you got to converse with him a bit though. Wish I had a chance to chat with him.

Re: Dreams of the Working Class – I think that was from Darkbreaker/Elizabethtown sessions?

Anyway, I’ll shut up now and go back to learning Neal’s songs on guitar :joy:


The “new” song on IG seems to be the same one as the old Foggy-era snippet “Mercy”.

EDIT: Not really the Cards without Graboff’s slide (solid line-up, though).


What makes it appealing to me is to see them play songs from Cold Roses and JCN.

If they’re going to be playing Ryan’s songs from the last 15 years then it’s just him with a band…


From what I heard, Steve’s band quit. Not sure why. He’s still touring and is performing solo.


No steel guitar? Pass.


awww! that would be fun :slight_smile:


anyone beside me just feel like ryan naming his band the cardinals is yet another attempt to get a light shined on him…he’s just been so desperate for the last 5 years for anyone to look at him. he’s gross


Yes to everything


The only way I’d go see Ryan Adams now is if I was fortunate enough to be a witness to his execution.


Is this iteration of the Cardinals expected to play songs from all of Ryan’s shitty output too? Or are they only going to play Pre-Cardinals to Cardinals-era songs? Can this band even come close to doing those songs service? It just seems like a nostalgic money grab.


I don’t even think that nostalgia has anything to do with this. At best a remote implication.


Wow, that got dark. Good job Monkey.


If I wanted to hear shitty versions of songs I love, I would listen to Seth MacFarlane.


The name of the new band is Ryan Adams & A Cardinal.


it’s gonna be epic, yo. brad and ryan fake smiling and laughing at his shitty jokes and faux self-deprecating humor. Chris Stills will last a month until he realizes they’re all just there to stoke his tiny ego fire. wank wank***