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Somebody put a comment that says they’re “so tired of this dude’s boneless Cabbage Patch face”, that I’m still chuckling at.



sometimes i can come full circle and love people again…



haha that one got me too.


Cd collection next

Signed copy of gold in there with signed love is hell eps 1 and 2


I doubt she chimes in. He’s on her forthcoming album


I see Mandy Moore is the guest on the WTF podcast on Monday.

I’m still not interested in her, but might tune in to hear Maron’s line of questioning.



DISCLAIMER: these are some thoughts i have about the pedophile/underage thing ONLY (and not about his general treatment of women)…

so i read all of the NYT articles about the situation… i decided i’m not sold that RA is a pedophile or that he has attempted to lure underage girls for nefarious purposes.

the writer routinely used direct quotes when relating something that RA said to the underage girl in the text messages. however every time the writer mentioned the “age” and whether or not RA knew her age, the writer used very vague paraphrases for what he actually said. for example: “Their conversations were on and off, but a constant theme was Adams fretting about Ava’s age.” that was not just one instance too. literally every time the writer broached the direct issue of RA’s knowledge of the girl’s age, he turned to using vague, ambiguous generalizations instead of quoting RA’s actual text message.

_w_henever the writer refers to RA mentioning age to the underage girl, he uses the same vague paraphrasing and he never explicitly states exactly what RA said in these text messages as the writer did with everything else RA said. i thought this was unusual but it didn’t raise any red flags. that is, until, i read the 2nd or 3rd follow-up piece by the NYT, which states this:


Throughout their communication, Adams asked Ava, a successful bass player since she was 12, repeatedly about her age. “Do me a paranoid favor,” he wrote in November 2014, when he was 40 and she was 16. “Show me you are 18.” Sometimes, in response to Adams’s prodding, Ava said she was older than she was. More than once Adams asked to see her identification, although she never provided any in the messages reviewed by The Times."


so according to the actual accusing source, there were “multiple times” when ryan adams was “prodding” for this girl to show him “identification.” i don’t have have any experience with the subject matter so i am by no means an expert, but it seems to me like if a guy was in fact a pedo predator, he would NOT repeatedly ask the girl to literally see her drivers license if his penultimate goal was having some type of sexual interaction with a minor.

And again:

NONE if this is has anything to do with the fact that RA has been a predator and complete fucking asshole piece of shit to women in general. i’m only speaking towards whether RA is a pedophile and/or preys upon children (as the NYT article alleges). please do not misunderstand that. a man doing any of these things to any women is fucked up and horribly wrong.


And only sometimes she said she was older and sometimes she said she wasn’t

You dumb Fuck!!!


He’s a jerk
A predator maybe he’s not a ped but he knew better and didn’t act on it

Don’t over Fucking bake this


That’s fucking awesome!! I used to refer to him as a “pudgy faced motherfucker” when talking with my brother & friends. But, Cabbage Patch face is dead on. His face does resemble that of a Cabbage Patch doll. That just made my fucking day.


I’m one of the jackasses that pre-ordered from PaxAm. They charge your credit card immediately. I hope I don’t have too go through to much bullshit to get my money refunded.


“Just three words my love…are you eighteen?”


Agreed. Phoebe Bridgers kicks ass. Have you heard her collaboration with Conor Oberst “Better Oblivion Community Center”? It’s a good one.


Just heard one song last night. Got the album and will add to the Dropbox today! :yum:


Proper laughed out loud at that…



holy shit, RA just made SNL’s Weekly Update. here’s the joke, paraphrased:

“This week singer/songwriter Ryan Adams was accused of having inappropriate sexual relationship with a minor… And this is just another example of a white artist doing something that a black artist did first.” [cuts to a photo of R. Kelly.]



i agree 100%. but for me, if he was trying to have sex with a child makes his actions so much more horrible. if he was a guy that got off on at least trying to seduce minors i would seriously burn and delete all of my RA music.

but to your point, just the stuff alone that we know about him treating other women in the business is more than enough to establish that he is an unredeemable piece of shit. end of story.