Oh dear...


his use of the word monster is really disturbing


Could be many stories to come, I fear.


afraid so


Who is that person?

He’s afraid for his family? Like Ryan’s gonna murder them? What’s up here?





U nixed the rap diss?




Todd was in Ryan’s band.


Some take aways…

they’ve been working on this story for 5 months.
they have thousands of dm’s, texts, screenshots and corroborating stories from others related to the sources.

give it a listen


Hey, well, I was out getting some smokes. Did I miss anything?



man you have some catching up to do.


really good to see you here.


Thanks for the invite, man. It’s been a while.


cball still manages a subway in ohio
nick made this website and has some beauties for children.
monkey still hates the .org
llr never made it
mr703 snuck in once and said fuck off
ghar turned 97 this year!!
exile is here
bambino is here
grim is here
dougo is a grandpa
amy g is on fbook and insta bashing ryan
mr gay is still fucked up


And looks like Ely got bored and stopped posting. I think I dropped out around the time that we were told that elevatorlady had died. I still miss her.


we were just talking about renee the other day
the day before this ryan shit came out actually
ely is still cool guy
waves is here too and likes to use the word sonically a lot
highlife likes to keep us all honest and call us on our shit


kacybacy is kees
i don’t think uv and lb were on the .org


Too bad about Ryan, but then it was always clear that the internet would be the end of him.